Book Review the Airbnb Story

Very nice of the company to send me this new book. Just finished it today. I was really impressed with the broad categories and balanced approach. Lots of interesting historical backstories. Full descriptions of the crisis points and host issues. Good discussions of the legal limitations and a what’s next chapter. I especially enjoyed the hotel industry reactions that are surprisingly varied. Anyone else read it? Thoughts?

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I read it a few weeks ago (I did not receive it from the company but borrowed it from the library!) and also found it to be very interesting. It exploded many of the Airbnb myths that we all read about on the internet.

Yes, the hotel reactions were very interesting indeed. Also, because it was published this year, it’s bang up to date. But as Airbnb is an internet based company and is changing all the time, it will probably be out of date in a few months.

I’m pro-Airbnb and was reading it with that mindset. It would be interesting to hear from others who have a less than perfect view about the company.

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