Bloomberg- interesting read about Trust and Safety

They didn’t include the guest that was murdered by his host here in Australia or the shooting that was at a party in Melbourne……


The hotel industry does a good job of keeping many of it trust and safety breaches under wraps as well. Some measures might prevent some of these things from happening, but never all. Dealing with humans is a tricky business.


I saw that story too. Every company has, or should have, a group like that because as @Christine_Shirtcliff said, dealing with humans is tricky. Sooooo many things happen everywhere and for most companies, those transgressions never get any ink.

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I read that too, and sent links to the article to my husband and assistants. Interesting reading.

Bad shit can, and does, happen anywhere and everywhere. Just today I read about a case where a mum went hiking on Spruce Knob with two companions and ended up missing. This happened last March. They think they just found her remains.

Bad stuff can happen anywhere.

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