Blood on bedding

Hey guys I know this has probably been covered before, but I wanted some advice. Guests left blood all over my bottom sheet and duvet cover. Its not period blood, looks more like someone cut themselves quite badly, and then just went to bed without covering the wound. Maybe. Or Dexter stayed, nor sure at this point. I have managed to get the blood off, PEROXIDE is the winner here. But you must use it before you wash the bedding.

My question is, should I mention it in a review? I know others have had women have period accidents and told the host and dealt with it, but this is different. Not sure what to do. I think I have saved the sheets.


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I had a guest have a severe nose bleed in the bedding … I didn’t mention it in the review as it wasn’t intentional. With hindsight I would probably now write something like: there was some damage to the bedding which I would have preferred my guest to have informed me of before departing.

My major issue was not knowing it was there and therefore not being able to treat it early.

Edit: but note you can’t be sure that they didn’t put a plaster on, only to wake and find it had fallen off. That’s happened to most of us, surely.

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I think I would mention it. I think it’s careless and inconsiderate for someone to not make any attempt to keep their bloody wounds from staining a host’s sheets. There is of course the possibility that it was an accident, or they tried to contain the blood and failed. If they’d brought it to your attention, like conscientious people should, I wouldn’t mention it in the review.

I’ve found that guests who are inconsiderate in one way, tend to carry that attitude through different aspects of their stay, and as a host, I’d give some consideration before accepting a guest like that if I saw that in a review.

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A few months ago I was turning over the apartment. As I was making the bed, I put my hand inside the white duvet cover to grab the top corner to insert the duvet. I must have scraped off a scab (probably an injury from my bitey little cat) and there was a trail of blood right up from the bottom of the duvet to the top.

How annoying is that? But sometimes the tiniest little cuts or scratches can bleed profusely.

I remember a guest who was mortified when he woke up to find blood on the sheet below the pillow. He thought that he had put his hand under the pillow when he was sleeping and had a similar situation - a tiny cut that started bleeding. (And, the darling man, he soaked and laundered the sheet himself.)

Depending on the amount of blood on the sheet (and it’s easy to say it was ‘all over’) I probably wouldn’t mention it in the review as it was likely to have been accidental but I would mention it in the private comments to the guest. They should know that in future, bringing it to the host’s attention is better than hiding it.


Women have periods and most are conscientious of how to handle such matters. However, accidents do happen and it’s generally an embarrassing situation for the guest, as it is for the host. Rather than bring up a face-to-face dialog with the guest which places both of you in an uncomfortable situation, it’s generally better to handle such matters proactively and take a few precautions.

Use white sheets. I cannot stress this enough! Even the finest hotels use white sheets because you can leverage bleach for such matters. Further, if washing fails to get them out, you can get new sheets fairly inexpensively can chalk up that experience as ‘the cost of doing business’. Also, ensure you invest in a good mattress pad and duvet cover. Such investments will help protect your bedding and provide peace of mind to future guests.

I certainly wouldn’t post such information in a review because it’s a personal matter and unless the guest brought it to your attention, just leave it be.

Good luck!

The thing is though that @Kerensa_Baker said that it was not period blood. All women know the difference, believe me. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I will do that. Mention in private comment that is. It really was quite a bit of blood, it was smeared the length of the bottom sheet and the underside of the duvet, not enough to soak through, so it may even have been a really bad shaving accident. Although if I shaved that badly I would switch to a cream!

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Def not period blood, that I would recognise immediately :smiley:

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