Blocking guests feature is active again

Just sending out an FYI - the platform once again allows for the ability to block guests. Undering the message thread click report, then follow the screen prompts for reasons, then after submission and option to block will appear.


I hope this is correct. In the last few months I found it to appear and disappear.


Thanks so much @sobepuppy for sharing. I am finally able to block!

What do you report them for and then use for your blocking reason? I’ve only blocked a guest once because she wouldn’t stop sending me angry messages after reading my review, but I wasn’t sure which option to pick. None of them really fit the situation, so I ended up calling Air and having them block her for me.

The Airbnb representative told me the available options are only for them to track internally, and that if a situation doesn’t match, to pick one that most closely seems right - but that one must be selected to get the options to Block the guest.

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It’s not working now. Whether I “report user” from the profile or from the message thread, when I go to “something else”, block user is no longer a choice. AirBnB really needs to fix this. Today I got three spam queries, one for each of my rooms, trying to sell me better photos & a rewrite of my page, which I neither need or want.

Has anyone else found any way to block a user now? It appears that they have removed the choice. All I could do was report the message as spam.

No I can’t and I’ve had some of the same problems as far as harassment goes.

I just reported a guest yesterday for possible discrimination and there was no block option. I did say in my message to Airbnb that I want him blocked from booking me again.