Blocking feature disabled

Just an FYI - Airbnb has removed the feature that allows you to block other users. I recently discovered this after an occasion to use the feature arose. I emailed Airbnb & their responded confirming the Block feature has been disabled.

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Thanks for letting us know. Did they say why?

No, they simply informed me the feature has been disabled and is no longer available.

It was very useful, my understanding was that if you blocked someone, they no longer “saw” your listing. Further movement to the hotel model, expected to house all comers whether we like it or not. If i have blocked someone it is because I don"t want them to stay. My house and I will welcome who I feel is a good fit and that I WANT to host. I wonder how long Airbnb will be supporting the home share model…?

Yes, it was very useful. I made it a point to block any guest who became argumentative or haggling for a lower price. I had a guy repeatedly sent Requests to Book over and over each time I would decline. I asked him to stop two times before blocking him. Very annoying