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Blocking dates to ask questions


I recently had a person sending a request for one week in September. In the text he stated that he did not want to book those dates. The 4 days he actually wanted were booked already. But he liked my place so much that he wanted to ask me about similar apartments close by. I did not want to decline on my behalf for concern of bad records so I pre-qualified this and put the ball of cancellation in his court. I tried to be helpful and told him of my neighbours apartment giving the mail adress in a fashion that I hoped Airbnb would not detect as a mail adress but it was blocked anyway. The guy started efforts of giving me cryptical hints of his mail adress, which also did not work. I grew a bit tired of this and told him that the other apartment is also on Airbnb and very easy to find. I also explained that he was blocking my Calendar. He then wanted me to explain how to find the other property on Airbnb which pretty much started to piss me off. I asked him to immediately cancel his request to unblock my Calendar only to receive the reply he had no idea how to do this. In the end I had to cancel on my side since this dragged on for 3 days already and my calendar was blocked.
Now my questions: Can a cancellation on my side have consequences? How much time do guests have to react to a pre-qualification before it runs out and the calender dates will be open again (perhaps I should have just let it run out without cancelling)?
Thanks all, Mark


I didn’t think prequalifies blocked the calendar. Site says they expire in 24 hours. You can go look at your calendar without logging in. That’ll tell you what dates are blocked.


I had a local host send me a request that wasn’t a request. They were organizing a host gathering that I believe was to include some pretty hefty pr for their financial advisory business. It annoyed me because I HAD to respond or get a ding on my response rate. I just found that rude…


thanks Stephanie, I think you are correct. I am not sure but it is possible the dates were marked in gray instead of green. My fault then. Still, a lot of actions on Airbnb I find confusing. But that could be my age…


Why don’t you explain?!!


lamentable no en mi caso, Billy Bob

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