Blocking a guest from making repeat reservations

I have a guest staying right now who I want to block from coming back. Is the only way to do this by clicking “Report this profile”? And if I do that, will she know I reported her? She hasn’t done anything egregious, she just had bad communication about her arrival plans and then brought her family member into my house without my permission. I’m not going to make a big deal about it since she’s only here for one night, but I state explicitly in my house rules that no guests are allowed on the property unless they are on the reservation. Of course if the family member stays overnight I’ll have to ask for my extra guest fee. Anyway, apparently this guest comes to town every month or so to see her daughter, and I don’t want her to stay with me again. How should I approach this? Should I just tell her in private feedback that she should have asked permission to bring the family member in or should I try to block her from future contact?

The block feature is under report. If you can’t block her there then call Airbnb and ask them.

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Or of she reserves again you can cancel penalty free and tell Airbnb you aren’t comfortable because she is likely to break your rules.

Have you tried to talk to her or have a conversation about this now and/or in the future?


I was told by ABNB Helpdesk, in February, that before I could block someone I had to have already written a review of the guest.


That makes sense, especially as hosts are likely to need evidence for why we believe they will break the rules.

If you REALLY don’t want her back, confront her and tell her that she broke your house rule about outside visitors, and ask her to not book with you again. You’ll maybe get a bad review, but if the guest is THAT bad it should be worth it to you.

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Why don’t you talk to her? If that is all she did wrong I would be happy to have her as a repeat customer.


You’re right, I realize there could be a lot worse things she could have done based on some of the horror stories I’ve read about here. However, she let her daughter use my shower and the bedroom to get ready to go out for the evening, brought a male friend into my house, and then gave my smart lock code to her daughter. The daughter didn’t stay the night but she sure used all the facilities, which is the main reason I charge an extra fee for two guests (but she only booked for one). She was only here for one night so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her about it (and didn’t want to risk getting a bad review) but figured I’d send her private feedback (she admitted that she wasn’t used to staying in someone else’s house, so she was probably treating it like a hotel).

Well this is definitely a different situation than you first described. I was under the impression that her family member made a quick visit, to have a peek or something. Having someone else shower (How do you actually know this?), handing out access codes, bringing home yet another friend, I wouldn’t be very happy about these things either.

I’m not familiar with blocking guests, so I unfortunately I don’t know how it’s done.

I don’t think we can block guests anymore as we used to. Please all of you try it with one of your guests, (you can undo it immediately after) just to test it. I think they took it away quietly. There was a a thread on it on September on their community forum, lots of them tried it but it didn’t work.

OK, that merits giving her a bad review. You are too worried about her review, which you can contest at the 11th hour on day 14. Guests need to learn and the minute her daughter and the gentleman showed up, you should have sent a message on the Air platform telling her that it was unacceptable. There are plenty of posts here with ideas on how to word that tactfully.

Stop worrying about her review. Leave an honest one about her with “would not host again” button turned on because of poor communication and flagrantly breaking your house rules. Then reply to any review she leaves at the very last minute. Her playing dumb about never staying in someone’s home instead of a hotel? I call BS. She pushed the boundaries and you let her.

I’m an in-home host as well and I charge what I charge for up to 2 people, my max. That way I’m not fooling around with extra guest fees and worrying about collecting extra money.

I’d be furious with her for being so cavalier with your home and security. Of course she wants to book again - she got away with bad behavior.

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