Blocked date not by me

So I just discovered that today’s date (a Friday) was blocked when I logged on. Earlier this week I opened up Friday, Sat, Sunday for open dates. I immediately got a request for Friday and Sat night. We have a two day minimum. The requester canceled an hour later after he found out that we had pulled cable TV (but still had streaming, say netflix via streaming). So they canceled: not me. I had wondered why we did not get a new reservation as we always do with good summer weather in Traverse City Michigan. Now I know why as Friday was blocked. But I did not block Friday. How did this happen?

I’d call customer service immediately.

Hi KIKC, you are correct. Thanks. But I was still surprised we had no hits on all of Thur. There are so many tourists and visitors in town this weekend. I am also a lyft driver and tonight was just crazy. As soon as I dropped off a group the phone would immediately ping for a new ride. Maybe I should re-connect cable TV. But you are correct and it is not a screw up by Airbnb. Mystery solved. Regards, Curt