Black Friday BnB Supply Deals

Just sharing for those who might be interested. Here’s some deals I found for some of the items we use most at our properties. Hopefully they can help save you some $$$ as well!

From Macy’s:

Quilted Pillows (our guests love these):|BA%26slotId%3D11%26kws%3Dquilted%20pillow ($8.99 after discounts)

Martha Stewart Fleece Blankets:|BA%26slotId%3D1%26kws%3Dmartha%20stewart%20fleece ($14.99 - crazy low price - we normally pay around $25).

Sheet Sets, 500 thread count (we found these to be the longest lasting of all we have tried):

Tools of Trade Cookware, Non-Stick (it’s basic, but it does its job well):|BA%26slotId%3D4%26kws%3Dtools%20trade%20cookware $29.99

8 Place Setting Silverware Set for $29.99 -|BS|BA%26slotId%3D3%26kws%3Dsilverware

From Target:

Comforters, Fieldcrest - 40% off, plus a cartwheel for another 10% - no link available :frowning:

From JCP:

6-piece JCP Home Towel Set (good quality, last a long time): ($20.00, plus combine w/ coupon).

At our local JCP they also had coffee makers for $6.99, though I can’t find a link here. Nothing fancy, just basics.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Not in the states but boy what a nice thing to share with everyone :slight_smile:

Everything is so cheap in America, I’m jealous. Please tell me does this actually mean you do a cartwheel in the store and get another 10% off the price or is this code for something more logical?


Not for long if Trump gets his way. He means to add a 45% tariff on all imports.

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@Emily LOL. No, no physical Cartwheels are required! Cartwheel is the Target Store app you can load onto your phone for use in their stores - it gives you coupons, store info, lets you earn rewards, etc.


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We pay so much for medical services that even people who are insured routinely go bankrupt because of medical bills. I’d rather pay more for consumer goods and less for medical.


Lol!! - I had no idea what it meant either. But I imagine on Black Friday, if you take the time to do a cartwheel, someone else will take off with your shopping cart and run you over…ha!


Yeah your medical system is so messed up, (no offence) we still don’t get everything for free here in Australia (like dental, glasses, physio etc are all private). I pay maybe 3% tax s year to the state medical from my income & $100 a fortnight for private health insurance, just for me (this covers most allied health and private hospital treatment but I had a $5000 excess on a recent gastrointestinal surgery privately so not free. Wait list public 2 years so not an option for me. I paid $340 for my ultrasound guided cortisone in my tennis elbow yesterday (it’s killing BTW) but if your broke or retired or unemployed all the basics are free (no boos jobs) and anyone can go to a public hospital at anytime 24hours a day (and they are top hospitals) and anything there is free that you actually need, heart attack, broken leg, cancer etc etc. X-rays, ultrasound etc always free, kids always free at hospital and free dental.

it seems so bizarre to me that people with curable cancer in America are let die or have to go bankrupt and become destitute for treatment. Having lost both my parents quite young who received excellent medical care, I cannot imagine getting a $200k bill after the fact. This is the only reason my dream of moving to NYC did not come to fruition. My sympathies abound and I would say, come to Australia before you get too many health problems to get a visa exclusion and we’ll look after you for life.

If I can keep my Airbnb going and keep slaving away in my government job for another 5 years, I plan to move to France where they have excellent health care (even much better than Australia), set up a few ABBs and a yoga studio and live a more fulfilling and relaxing life. Real estate is dirt cheap there, cost of living much lower than Aus and who doesn’t love French cheese n wine???

Live the life you want I say, you only have 1!


No problem!

Here’s another one that we found at Macy’s today!|BS|BA%26slotId%3D3%26kws%3Dsilverware

Macy’s has some amazing deals this year. We were very impressed. We went to one of the local stores and spent a few hours shopping. LOL. We then went to JC Penney - god, what a disaster that place was. When did JC Penney get to be so down market??? The people were rude, the place was a wreck and the stuff they had on sale was like the cheapest junk you ever saw. We left without spending a penny.


I’m not a Black Friday person, but last night after dinner we stopped by Macy’s for kicks. The deals on housewares and kitchen electronics were beyond belief. Like $9.99 for a large cast iron pan. Kinda kicking myself I didn’t get that! Sheets for amazing prices, coffee makers and everything for the Airbnb.

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And in case you haven’t heard the buzz, this brand is 100% cotton and lasts a long time. We use them in our vacation rental as well as home. You can google Daloyi or follow link below to Amazon

I just got 12 issues of Sports Illustrated Kids for $5 and

50 issues of Sports Illustrated for $5. Sale ends today - not sure what time. Website is:

Turn OFF auto renewal so they don’t bill your card next year for the going rate. The customer service on the phone was excellent 1-800-MAGAZINES

Might cost a bit to ship to Edinburgh here in Scotland. Happy St Andrews Day .