Billing for second guest

“On nights 3 and 4 I might be joined by another daughter” . How is this billing to be handled? I have a $20 per night charge for the second guest, which is included in my listing. So not every night would have a second guest and she is not confirming that the second guest will arrive. Thanks for your help.

I would confirm in the AirBnb messaging system that they agree to pay the extra $20 if the additional guest stays. Then you can bill them in the resolutions center, and Air will see you agreed upon this extra payment, if the guest disagrees.

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I would do an alteration to the reservation now… Before they arrive. This shows them that you are serious about collecting for this additional guest. Then tell them you will refund it if the daughter didn’t show. How rude though.

Do you have a maximum number? I very clearly state in my listing that my maximum is two.


I had almost the exact same situation once. (Although the guest had already checked in when he told me about the extra person for a few days).

I told him that it was perfectly fine to have an additional guest at no extra cost and that I’m sure he understood that I wouldn’t be able to supply extra bed linens and towels etc. That way, it cost me no extra money or labour.

However, the guest’s stay was costing him over $1000 so for me to eat the extra bit of money was no problem in order to have a happy guest.

When he was leaving I told him that he had been a great guest (which was true) and that I’d be sure to write him a good review and that when (not 'if!) he wrote his review I’d be grateful if he didn’t mention that I hadn’t charged him extra because it was a special favour to him.

He wrote a wonderful review :slightly_smiling:


Well… I’m glad it worked out for you, but he could have easily written you a crap review after you did him that large favor. Has happened to me and other hosts too many times to count…and that, sad to say, has made me jaded. :slight_smile: This is business. You know? You provide a service, the guest gives you money in exchange.

It’s a roll of the dice whether to overlook something like this because it was a $1000 booking… and in actuality, he ripped you off and wasn’t that great a guest in the end because he got extra out of you without being willing to do the right thing and offer to pay the extra for his guest.

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True Kona. I’m a fairly new host and eager to please, I guess! But he was a great guest and left the apartment in great shape. I was lucky :wink:

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Um… Yeah! That was kind of obvious! (you being new). You weren’t “lucky.” The guest behaved as expected.

And…he SHOULD leave the apartment in good shape… that is his duty as a guest! Also guests can sense when you are a [quote=“jaquo, post:6, topic:3415”]
new host and eager to please

And they take advantage of you!!! You will learn, as many of us have! :slight_smile:

That reminds me. I accepted my first group with an infant for an upcoming reservation and didn’t charge extra since my friends who are parents say that parents aren’t used to paying for kids under 2. I said on my listing I count kids as guests, but it is the slow season and I likely wouldn’t have gotten another reservation if I’d turned them down. I was assuming infants wouldn’t be using extra utilities or linens. But I don’t have kids so I don’t think of everything that could go wrong. A friend of mine recently accepted her first infant too and we chatted and decided we’d both make sure we have waterproof mattress pads.

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I’m sure that you’re right Kona! Believe, me, reading this forum is a real eye-opener.


This wasn’t rude. She is coming to see a daughter who just had a baby. Her other daughter lives an hour away and could join Mother for a mini reunion but not for the Mother’s entire stay.

The lack of communication was what I thought was rude. If it worked out for your guest and you are happy, all’s well that ends well.