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Bill 89 in Honolulu


I was wondering if there were any other Airhosts willing to share what their strategies were for when the enforcement of Bill 89 takes effect August 1st, until they can register in October 2020?



Aloha - just joined today specifically because of Bill 89 - Disappointed because I would have thought the conversation would be robust and lively over this overreaching legislation. But you’re the only comment that came up on a search. I do hope the conversation opens up on this. I’m at a loss for a strategy. I’m thinking of searching out little niche STR sites or finding professional groups like corporate, or traveling nurses, etc to comply with the 30 day minimum rule. Just treading water for now until I get more info/feedback on the situation. I’m going to checkout the Homeaway/Vrbo community blog also. If I learn of anything, I’ll pass it on.

This is an internaitional forum, it’s likely more members couldn’t place Honolulu on a map than those that could.

Maybe you should look for a more local forum/platform.


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We have had HI hosts post here in the past but I can’t recall but one or two specifically Honolulu hosts and they were never very active.

Let me know what y’all did. My husband was wondering. We were about to move back there till he called and said plans off, they past a bill. So now I am in Florida and he is in Hawaii visiting family.

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