Bikes and Kayaks

Do you let people use your bikes, kayaks? Do they need to sign a waiver if they get injured? Do we need to supply helmets? any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Randie

We provide kayaks and life jackets. No waiver.

We have had only one request to borrow a bike - allowed it (with helmet) only after checking with our insurance company to be sure we would be covered if there was an accident.

Search for older topics on this subject. This certainly has been discussed before.

I just found your question and am wondering what you ended up doing? We supply bikes, but haven’t been stocking the helmets. Now I am thinking that may be a problem…Also, did you end up having a waiver signed?

We would never supply bikes or kayaks, even with a waiver signed.

Last month, my husband, who is a very experienced distance bike rider, had a bad bike accident. He was on smooth pavement and no obstacle or other bike was involved. He was riding at walking pace. His handlebars turned sharply, injuring his groin and sending him over the handlebars. He landed on his head on the pavement, destroying his helmet. He broke four ribs.

Imagine if this had been a guest!

Even with a waiver signed and an umbrella policy, that’s way too much exposure for us!


Thank goodness he had a helmet.

Years ago I had a patient who fell backwards off a motorcycle while doing wheelies. The impact split his very expensive helmet in two.

He was injured but would recover.

His mother complained loudly & often about how he had ruined the helmet and she was not going to buy another one for him!!

Maybe she focused on the helmet rather than face how much more serious things could’ve been?

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Thank you for your reply. I hadn’t been concerned until recently. I appreciate it.

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No. I do provide a lockable place to hang bikes out of the rain. That’s all the liability exposure I want.

And I have 3 bikes.

We have 2 companies that rent sea kayaks. Their insurance policies are a huge chunk of their fixed operating cost.