Biggest complaints or praises about Airbnb?

Hi all, I’ve been a big fan of Airbnb and a frequent on multiple continents, but began to experience some frustrations as both a host and guest — especially in more remote parts of the world and ‘experiential’ destinations — that encouraged me to create the improvements I wanted to see through a new curated site (

I’m so inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of everybody here to support the hosting community and hosting experience, and would be incredibly grateful for any of your suggestions and advice.

If you could change anything about Airbnb, what would it be? What are your biggest painpoints? And just as important, what would bring tears to your eyes if certain parts of Airbnb were stripped away?

We’ve been feverishly building the site out the last 9 months, and are so eager to show you what we’ve developed. A heartfelt thanks for your guidance and enthusiasm. While startups are challenging, there’s always an advantage to building a site from scratch, as we’re free from any legacy issues, and we strive to build into our DNA from the very start a host-centric site.

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I really do hope you didn’t take nine months to get to this stage in the development of your business/site.

All it consists of is a few landing pages. Making the owners of potential properties go through a sign up process before you provide them with information is a major error in marketing terms - the drop off rate will be huge. (marketing is my day job).

Maybe your market research shows you it works with your target market but the phrase ‘curating properties’ comes across as a tad pretentious. And talking about charging hosts ‘a small fee’ rather than stating what it would cost comes across as disingenuous.

Sorry but you did ask.

As far as the site is concerned I have to agree. My site didn’t exist two weeks ago and I’ve built it whilst dealing with back-to-back guests and my real job :slight_smile:

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Wow, great site! Impressive!

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