Big Local Event - Separate listing for different terms?

Hey Hosts,
Since launching our listing we have successfully booked about 7 guests! Thank you to folks in this forum, part of that success was reading a lot of tips from you all.

In our area, there is one week in the summer that a local event takes place and people come from all over the country to attend. We’ve decided that we want to significantly raise our prices during that time, as other hosts in the area almost triple their rates. We’ve been doing some research.

Here’s my question-
On our standard listing we have no minimum night stay set and instant booking on. For the week in question, I’d like to receive a booking request and have a minimum of a 3 to 4 night stay. Some participants of the event stay the whole week, and folks attending the event stay only 1 to 2 nights. We want to make sure that – from a business point of view – we are taking full advantage of this opportunity to make a decent profit that we can put back into improving the rental space. Should I create a separate listing specifically for this event? I’m open to opinions on how to make this work. Any feedback is appreciated!

Someone had booked a 2 night stay on the day the confirmed dates were announced before we had a chance to update the pricing, but fortunately they cancelled the next day. We blocked out the days until we can figure out what works best for us! Phew.

Not needed. Investigate the Availability and Pricing tabs. You can add a minimum to a set range of dates, adjust the price, etc. What you can’t do is change the amenities, cancelation policy, or number of guests by a range of dates. For that, yes, you do need a separate listing.


Ah, I found it! Thanks so much.

I would make it a week minimum. Is it an event over two weekends? Then even longer.

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