Big discounts for over 30 day stays not authorized by me

On Feb 20 I got a booking for a 40 day stay in July. I briefly looked at it and noticed that the discount was about 35%. I normally offer 10%. Before I could get to Airbnb and figure out what was going on I got a booking for March for 30 days with another huge discount. When I finally got to Airbnb they said I must have changed it. So she helped go get it back to my normal settings. I am positive that I didn’t change that. So I got to looking and almost all the listings had a slash through the price with a big discount for over 30 day stays. My neighbor who is not on instant book did not have a slash. Has anyone else experienced this? I lost almost 2000$ on these two bookings.

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There have been other posts noticing this same thing.

The takeaway has been to review the pricing before accepting the request to book, and to periodically review your settings.

A few months ago many of found that our amenity list had been somehow greatly expanded too.

More experienced Hosts than I or long-term forum members will likely give you more ‘meat.’

Discount taken by Airbnb when I do not offer discounts
I’m not sure you selected it. It may have been selected by Airbnb for you. I’ve had 3 discounts & other changes occur in the past year that I did not do: 10% early booking discount 10% non-refundable discount Last week after receiving a booking for July, my listing stopped showing up in July searches. The booking window mysteriously changed to 3 months.

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I haven’t had this happen but I hate the way a listing price shows if someone just searches by location with no dates. It give them a “nightly” price under the picture listing that reflects a weekly discount. If someone finds me and then puts in less than 7 days for dates, they get charged my usual amount. I expect that may be an unpleasant surprise.

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