Big Airbnb review glitch today

So I noticed on the Airbnb forum multiple hosts reporting this today and sure enough, my listing also is affected.
Number of reviews on listings is incorrect. All reviews showing on profiles but on the listing itself says you have way less reviews than you do.
I have 63 reviews and my listing says I have 18.

In my case, it doesn’t affect my rating, as I have all 5* reviews, but many hosts ratings have suddenly been lowered based on this glitch.

Which 18 of the reviews of your listing are shown? The most recent ones, random or the oldest ones? Just curious if there is a certain pattern?

Our listings are not affected as far as I can tell.

I just went back to check. Now they seem to have it corrected, as all my reviews are shown on the listing now.

Another part of the coding error that hosts are reporting is that booked dates are being shown on the listing calendar as available. I checked my calendar and it is correct, so maybe they got that glitch fixed, too.

But hosts might want to check that everything is in order on their listings, including their booking settings.

This is all probably due to their summer update, as every time they do one of those updates, it seems to result in all kinds of glitches, which they then have to scramble to correct.

Happened to us. We spoke to support today and they said this is an ongoing issue, and that they’re actively trying to resolve it. As you say, many hosts have reported this, but hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon.

And just to highlight how pointless it often is to contact support about things, a couple of hosts on the other forum were told by a CS rep:

  1. “That’s part of the new update- we’re only showing reviews from the past quarter now.”
  2. “It’s part of the Guest Favorite designation.”

Then those hosts posted that as if it were true and were all outraged about it. They must be fairly new and are under the impression that all the CS reps give out correct info. :upside_down_face:
They apparently don’t know yet that “Airbnb told me” is actually “A CS rep told me”, and may or may not be true.

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I just realized today my listing no longer has the top ten percent badge. I’m hoping the glitch caused it but it was nice while it lasted.