Bicycles in Australia

How do you go with lending bikes re insurance if they come a cropper.
Do you let them use them and hope for the best or give them a disclaimer?

Insurance + disclaimer.

But I would let my guests use my bikes.

If you talk to an insurance agent, he will probably tell you that you need additional liability coverage and a waiver. Where I live, you can’t get rental or lending insurance unless you have experienced, trained bike mechanics who check the bikes every day. There’s a reason why the lips on bike front forks are called “lawyer lips” in bike shops, which make it difficult to make it difficult to change a front tire even if you have a quick change lever — they help to keep the wheel in the fork if the axle is not tightened down.

I wouldn’t risk my house for some idiot guest whose relatives sue when they take a bike on a trail that they’re not qualified for, or cross in front of a red light. If they bring their own bikes, they’re welcome to use my tuneup tools, air compressor, and repair stand while I’m here, but I’m not loaning any of my bikes to anyone.

@Dylan, FWIW, neither Helsi nor Nordling host in Australia.

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I may not live in Aus, but you can be sued anywhere just for being kind enough to loan someone a bike. The person borrowing the bike might not sue, but their surviving relatives might. It happens all over the world.