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Beyond Pricing Users - minimum price setting?

Hi all,

Any of you using beyond pricing 3rd party service (if not using highly recommend it!) I never know what to set my min price at… I want 90-100% occupancy…

I did some research and it seems like your min price should be high enough that after all your expenses (cleaner, your own time etc) that it pays for that and then you at least make something for the stay. If I’m right here, how much is the lowest you are willing to make if you are trying to fill a vacancy last minute?

My base price is $170 and I charge $15 a head after 1 person, (I know quite high but not one person has complained) and $95 cleaning (my cleaner charges $40-- but If I have the time to clean its a solid 2 hours of working my butt off.)

Getting 60-90% booking and only list on airbnb, (VRBO soon) superhost for 3 quarters now.

3 bedroom and 3 bath 1 car garage. What do you all suggest??

Personally I chose the price that leaves me $100/night after all costs and taxes (including estimated income tax), which for me happens to be around $150/night for my one bed cabin (+$60 cleaning fee).

Every pricing tool I’ve used has suggested listing the place for less, but I don’t, and I still achieve 100% occupancy, so overall I’m a bit skeptical of those tools. AirBnB is trying to encourage us all to use them, but I don’t see how the net effect will be anything other than widespread price erosion.

Hi @Lucy_R,

They get a percentage of the price, so I’m not completely sure why they are trying to lower everyone’s prices. In my own case, the suggested prices have gone all over the place in last few weeks, not corresponding to anything in the real world as far as I can tell. No doubt I’m missing something.

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