Beyond Pricing (Dynamic Pricing For Airbnb) Launched in NYC

Hey everyone,

I just a heads up that we recently launched in NYC. If anyone has a property in NYC and has been looking for help with setting prices, check us out:

We’re already live in SF, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Austin, and Miami, too.

And we love feedback, so let us know what you think!


How do people get over the barrier of providing you with the password to their account? I almost signed up just to try you just out, but couldn’t jump the hurdle.

Hi Evelyn. I completely understand your concern! We use industry-standard encryption and never store your password (it simply creates what’s known as a token). We have over 2,500 listings connected and have priced over $1.5M of bookings. Also, Airbnb will always notify you of a log-in from a different IP address and if anyone tries to change your sensitive information like your bank account or email or password. We never touch any of that and simply update prices on the calendar. Hope that helps!