Beyonce stayed at a airbnb for superbowl

I wonder if this might promote airbnb more .


Oh Lordy!!! Can you imagine if BEYONCE left you a bad review! LOL.

“The mattress was lumpy and there were dust bunnies under the bed. But the apartment had good views and was close to my job.” LOL.

Or what if she was a bad guest and you had to review her: “Beyonce and her party partied in the room and left dishes in the sink, furniture moved around and cigarette butts in the garden.” LOL… Just joking… That is NOT the review. :slight_smile:

But did you see how she linked to Airbnb in her post??? Wonder if she got paid by them!

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I was wondering if she got paid from them to endorse Airbnb.

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More than likely they paid her like a quarter trillion just to hashtag it! Why else would she??

I wonder which listing she stayed in!

Exactly. This is a lady who doesn’t have to do anything, so when she does endorse someone it usually involves a BIG exchange of $$$. For example, if a YouTuber endorses a product in a video we are talking about 6 figures. I know this because this is something my company considered before finding out the price. YouTuber vs. Beyonce’s price - pretty sure it’s not 6 figures. Good for her! The place looked gorgeous, too.

I have a fantasy about Mick Jagger booking my room so he can be anonymous
and live like the natives.