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Beware when altering a booking to a different room

Hi all
I am in the middle of an extensive renovation to my primary AirBnB listing - having an en suite bathroom added - but shortly after the work started, it was discovered that the entire accommodation had to be demolished and rebuilt = nightmare! ANYWAY, I am generally 80% booked so after the time period I’d blocked off to allow for the original work expired, I had to start altering guests bookings to another room in my house - they have all been wonderful about it thankfully. On one of these requests I placed, the guest accepted it in the middle of the night (I’m in New Zealand and most of my guests are from Europe so most of my AirBnB activity is in the middle of the night!) which freed up the dates on the original/demolished listing. Someone else hopped right in and booked the demolished listing which I had to cancel the next morning and I’ll now lose my Superhost status because of the cancellation. It would be good if AirBnB automatically blocked any dates in such circumstances or at least asked if you’d like them to, like they do when you cancel a booking normally.
What do you guys think?

Did you call Superhost CS and explain the situation? I have found them to be pretty darned helpful when I have needed them.

Hindsight is 20/20 but I guess for future occurrences like this turning off IB would be critical.

Thanks @JSquared - yes, I should’ve switched off IB (she says face-palming herself!). No I didn’t call the support centre…

so sorry for this. I had problems with my reno, too - how stressful for you.

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You get a few cancellations of IB reservations each year without impact on the Superhost status or incurring other penalties.

That being said, yours is a unique situation. I don’t think modifying reservations calls for any blocking of the calendar in most cases.

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