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Hello everyone, I’m not a host currently, rather user. I was looking for vacation property recently, and many times found it difficult to understand apartment planning. Obviously, a simple plan scheme, or kind a 3D visualization can help that. So dear hosts, how do you think - will it be a good business idea for a service, that produces decent plan layouts or a 3D views for listed property? How much are you ready to pay for that? To understand what hosts are looking for, and how many time it takes to fulfill the requirements - I’m ready to make such kind of layouts for free for first five person who will ask here in comments bellow.
I’ll need kind a layout from technical/cadastral passport (if there is any of that kind available in your country), or hand-drawn layout or a scheme. Looking forward hearing comments from you, and thanks forward!

What technology do you intend to use to generate these 3D images? What format will they be in? Can you explain ‘technical/cadastral passport’ a bit more.

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Mainly Sketchup - I suppose this shd be simple, ‘low-end’ layout. But, if required - more detailed can be done with 3Dmax. Perhaps for valuable property, as it definitely will take more time.
Technical/cadastral passport - I mean kind a document that shows property layout and contain technical information (like areas of rooms/parts, main structural materials etc). Again, I’m not sure it exists in all countries, at least we have such here.

I dunno – I’m not sure that guests would find 3D sketchups of a place they want to rent useful – they only pay attention to the ‘glamor’ photos, not the detailed pix that show amenities and such.

Many folks are only renting a room or two in their home, not entire apartments or houses, and I don’t see 3Ds being very useful in those cases. I know I wouldn’t find it useful for our detatched ‘cabana’.

It’s a place you are staying in for a few days, maybe a week. Why would you need a layout drawing? It’s not something my guests’ have asked for, nor have I asked when choosing a listing.

Some bungalow parks in Europe actually provide plans of the bungalows they rent out. This is a quick and visual way for larger groups to see if the layout will serve their needs: bathrooms, WCs, bedrooms, type of beds, etc. … This doesn’t sound like a bad idea for people who rent out an entire property. Supposing that potential guests know how to read a ("3D’ed) plan and that the layout of the property is really great. It could also be a turnoff and prevent certain people from booking: It could very well cause a loss of income.
When planning trips for a group of friends, I personally have said more “no” to bungalows with a plan than “yes”. The ones who didn’t have a plan I just had to accept the way they were when arriving.

For people who rent out a room in their home, a plan like that could be an opportunity to distinguish between guest, public (host+guest) and private (host) spaces.
Personally I would never put the layout of my house/apartment on the WWW. I don’t like the thought of everyone knowing. I don’t want people to be envious of the bigger room that just happens to be booked. I don’t want them to be scared of the bathroom that is quite little. I want to keep a little bit of a surprise for guests (good or bad :sweat_smile:): Sometimes a man/woman with a bit of underwear still on is sexier than the completely undressed version :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

We provide a standard floorplan. Not a 3D version. We rent out the entire house, and the floorplan really helps put the pictures of the rooms together.

Thanks everyone for replies!