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Best/Worst guest


I have a delightful couple from Spain at the moment, arrived at 2am while I was asleep.
Late 30’s, the gentleman exits the shower, greets me in the kitchen wearing just his towel. Or, perhaps his towel was wearing him. It was tied so low below his navel I could see grooming habits. :grin: He was bald and had no hair anywhere else either, it seems.

Update: They just checked out. Here a total of 7 hours and 30 minutes. Sweet and charming, no fuss, no muss. Finally!

What are some of your best/worst guest moments?


I rent an entire appartment so it is a surprise what they leave me when I come back after their stay…

Best guest:

A guy from a broadcasting company booked for 5 nights.
He arrrived very late at 10 pm, we had a great talk for half an hour as he got a phone call
he had to fly back the other morning. But because his company paid for his journey he didn’t wanted to cancel the other 4 nights.
When I came back he even left some foreing bills for my bank note collection with some nice words!

An other italian couple stayed for 2 months and left me an oil painting which they buy and sell for a living as a present for the good expierience they had.


A guest from belgium left my playe in a horrible mess, there were used condoms all over the bedroom an I had to trow away some bowls because there was dog-food stuck in there. He emptied the fridge and even the freezer, the only thing left was half an orange toe, frozen in 1/4 gallon of water inside a box in the freeter… I presume he stole them because using about 100 tissue boxes in 2 weeks during summer would be too much…

Hey but shit happens, apart from this 1 guy every guest was easy to deal with an most of them are amazing :smile:


Uh, half an orange toe? :frowning: A human toe? From what human might that toe come from?


Noooo, not a human toe :wink:

Where I live its an expression for a segment of an orange, thought it would be called the same in english…
It was like they left it on purpose because it was frozen within this huge amount of water.

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