Best way to pause Availability

I’m working to get a home renovation plan and build underway for my home, which shares a driveway with my airbnb cottage. During construction (4-6 months, hopefully) I won’t be able to rent my airbnb because there will be noise and disruption, not to mention that I’ll probably have to work out of (and maybe live in) the Cottage.
Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact timeline for when work will begin and the timeline keeps stretching out. It’s taking months longer than I want. Therefore I’ve gotten a few requests to rent for long-term (1-3 months) and I’ve had to turn them down.
I can change my settings to only allow stays up to a week and only show short term availability. But I don’t know if that will affect my standing as a top-rated place for long-term (3 mos) stays? I usually get a lot of those and they work out well.
Also, z when I block the calendar completely for up to 6 months, what will that do to my standing and/or prominence for guests’ searchzinf this area once I do put the place back online?

My own experience with semi long layoffs has been good. It seems like when I go back online I get a boost. But I don’t do long term stays. Good luck. Big construction projects are a nightmare. Expect delays on top of delays. 4-6 months turns into 8-16. LOL


I haven’t ever blocked my calendar for that long, except during the height of Covid, more like 2-3 months every summer. And I don’t do long-term, so can’t weigh in on that. But my listing seems to get booked okay after I go live again, although it’s hard to tell, as I usually open it up again by mid-Sept, but tourist season doesn’t really start where I live until Oct.-Nov. so have never really gotten bookings before then.

It will help if you revamp your listing info a bit, add photos to your gallery, etc.- that seems to up search ranking somewhat. I had posted a bunch of new photos, eliminating some old ones this fall, not in order to up my search ranking, but because my listing was long overdue for that, and within 1-2 days got about 5 bookings, which had never happened before. Usually they roll in slower than that.

I had tweaked my listing wording before, because I had heard that can up your search ranking, as Airbnb algorithm registers it as “activity” in the listing, but it never seemed to help much. But I think the algorithm likes nice new photos.