Best #tags for vacation rental marketing?

What #tags do you use when marketing your vacation rental in social media?

Is there any giving better results than others?

Depends on your property. You’d be better including identifiers that your target audience would use when searching.

For example vacation rental is US centric.

I would never search for vacation rental. As Helsi says that’s very much a US term. Try holiday house or holiday home if you’re likely to get visitors from the uk, Australia or NZ. Can’t think of any others, sorry!

Hi @Jan_J

I just had a look at your profile and its says you are an online marketer and SEO specialist, so I am a little surprised that you would come here to ask for our advice :slight_smile: :frowning:

This will mean you have a much better idea than most of us about how to use social media and how to market your listings online.

Your starting point should always be a) understand your target market b) key word research to understand #hashtags your target audience are using on twitter, when searching for your type of property.

Generic ones like vacation rentals aren’t likely to drive meaningful traffic to your twitter feed.

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Another example – the second post today – by some marketing shyster trying to sneak an advertisement into this forum.

Jan_J – do not post here again or you will be removed from the site permanently


@KenH That was not my intention and I just wanted to know out of curiosity - especially because I also work with SEO and SoMe

I’ve been a member of Airbnb and this forum since several years and if you look at my posts and replies at this forum there is very little advertisment related to them.

I apologize if this post was out of the scope of this forum.

@Jan_J be great to hear your tips on how hosts can use SEO to drive traffic to their listings.


I was going to say the same. Plus, I’m not sure that the OP understands exactly what hashtags are for. And reading what many hosts say here about their guests being pretty bad when it comes to any sort of technology, I very much doubt that guests are searching for hashtags when looking for accommodation.

Even if they were, it would have to be very location/type specific and would be guesswork at best and remember too that hashtags are also using up valuable space when you’re sending a social media message.

I never use them unless it’s for a specific reason but the only answer here, and it probably wouldn’t be amazingly successful, is to use the same hashtag as your local tourist authority, for example #staybarca or #londonhotel. But you’d have to be sure that it was a recognised and well known hashtag.

I have my own blog where I’m posting articles and optimizing them for popular search terms related to renting holiday homes in my area. I used to incorporate links to my Airbnb listings in those texts, but now I’m rather trying to take direct bookings to avoid fees.

Furthermore, I think it’s also possible to SEO optimize the Airbnb listing itself by using place + popular search terms in the headline, intro and listing description. After all, most listings on Airbnb are searchable in Google.

For example, I’ve called my listing “Oslo Central Station Apartment”, so when people search for “Apartment near Oslo Central Station” or similar my listing comes up.

Hi @jaquo

To be honest it really depends on whether a host has an unusual property so say #logcabin #Vancouver or #houseboat #Amsterdam could help if a host has an active twitter account, blog, pinterest etc and has followers who are influential and will share content with their target audiences. (not a reality for the majority of hosts I would imagine).

Splattering a few hashtags here and there in themselves will make little difference - which was why I surprised that a ‘professional marketer (sic)’ would ask the question

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I think we both agree that scattering random hashtags all over the place are very unlikely to have any effect whatsoever. They would only work for a host if the hashtag was well-known enough for guests - and I doubt that many, if any, are.

The problem too is that if a host uses a hashtag - for example - #romerental or #bostonhotel - then everyone else who has used the same hashtag will come up in the potential guest’s search. In other words, leading them to the competition.

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