Best Solution for Website, Airbnb, TripAdvisor Channel Management Integration?

Help please! I am really struggling with a solution to sync my calendars on my Website, Airbnb and TripAdvisor - The website is written in Joomla and uses Solidres as the booking platform - this will update Airbnb and TripAdvisor but will not import their calendars back in. My web designer is now recommending I use Myallocator to sync the calendars both ways however whilst this works with Airbnb it will not work with TripAdvisor because there is apparently a bug in their software. Myallocator will also not import updated pricing to Airbnb as apparently they don’t support it? Does anyone use a solution that actually works i.e. their website booking platform is syncing automatically to Airbnb and TripAdvisor for calendars and preferably for pricing too - if so please can you let me know what you are using as beginning to think I need to start again! Any input would be gratefully received

I am looking at Tokeet but have not pulled the trigger yet. I would also like to see what others are doing.


Thanks - will take a look!

Making sure you saw this…

I use OwnerRez, my website is WP, so I don’t know how it will work with yours, but I expanded to multiple houses this year and it’s saving my sanity to have the one place syncing everything

We use an outfit called Lodgify and have never had any issues with our website, Airbnb and TA calendars syncing successfully. They also only charge per booking, not monthly.

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Hi - thanks for the reply do you know what the booking platform is on your WP site?

Hi Joan - would be interested to know what your website platform is and what you are using on that for booking as this seems to be where I may need to start! Thanks Tanya

The platform for our own website is Lodgify as well, hence their ability to sync all three, if I understand correctly. TBH, I leave all the background tech stuff to my husband.

Not that we’ve had any bookings via our website yet!

Hi Joan

Thanks for the reply - I will take a look at what they are offering.

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You’re welcome. Hope it suits for you.

I’m using OwnerRez, brand new to it, but so far happy. It is a ton of work, nearly as much as creating the site, to add all the details. I got it up and running quickly, but then wanted to add all my past transactions etc.


Thanks for the reply - I assume that OwnerRez is therefore a bolt on to the WP site that manages direct bookings to the website and links all of the calendars forwards and backwards with Airbnb and TripAdvisor? - it appears at the moment that I have a website with a bolt on for bookings and then an additional piece of software for syncing calendars.

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I initially joined OwnerRez to manage calendar syncing across three properties, but was also able to add an OwnerRez calendar widget and booking widget to my personal website.

Hi Joan, I am thinking of using Lodgify as well, and I see your post is now a few years old. So based on that, are you still with Lodgify? Is there anything you would advise me to be aware of? any frusterations with them? Any lessons learned?

I stopped using them in March last year, when I had to close our B&B down as we lived there. I didn’t see the point in a monthly fee for something I wasn’t going to be able to use for the foreseeable, and given it’s nearly a year later, I was right! I would go back to them if the time was right, having had no issues with the service.

I am sure there are other hosts here who use lodgify or another channel manager, who can advise you better than I can.