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Best smart lock with keypad suggestions?

I did a quick search here and the latest post about smart locks was from last year and as we all know tech changes very fast.

I and likely many of us would like a lock that has a keypad that I can change/control on the fly from my smartphone from anywhere I may be and have internet access.

I looked at the August lock on Amazon and the way I read it, please those with actual experience please chime in, the keypad code cannot be changed remotely? I want to be able to set the code and TIMED ACCESS remotely with whatever lock I end up getting.

I want to be able to message the guest, the code is 1234, which are the last 4 numbers of the phone number you made the reservation with. For your security this code will only work from check in time and will be disabled at checkout time… or something along those lines.

I am looking forward to the responses and suggestions



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I have a Schlage deadbolt with Zwave, and Wink for the hub. Via phone app you can, lock or unlock door, see if door is locked, or unlocked. Add or remove codes. You can’t set codes for certain time periods to the best of my knowledge.

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Thanks Brandt I will read up on that and see if there is a way to set time periods. What version do you have do you know? has it been dependable?




Z-Wave has some decent collections. Another one I prefer is Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock.

I use the exactly the same, works out well.

What is z Wave? What does it do for you?


I actually wish a solution which is completely integrated in Airbnb (and other platforms).
I’d like to have this workflow:

  1. Guests books on Airbnb
  2. A new code is generated under the hood and it’s pushed to the lock. Code is just valid for the time of the stay.
  3. Guest receives an onboarding message with the code.
    (4. Cleaning people get message when to clean the apartment)

I am live 250 kms away from my apartment, so it’s important to get a message when the guest enters the flat the first time. Besides that I want to get a message, when the cleaning people enter and leave the apartment.

This kind of software is not that difficult to develop. The difficult part is the integration with airbnb and the lock. The airbnb part can be maybe solved with IFTTT.


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You are asking about the Lockstate 6i. This is exactly how it works and exactly what you get.

Lockstate 6i looks interesting, it gets mixed reviews on Amazon.


How does the Kevo set codes for guests? I assume you have to set up the app on their phone and then approve them. Any other option?

Tom in ATL

When i had kevo the guests had waaaay too much to do to make it work, download an app, fill in the info, use it correctly (many guests tried tapping the phine on the lock lol).

Plus, the kevo needs manual inputting of codes etc.

Hello @Marylinn

Do you work for Igloo? or get a commission if people click on the links you provide to buy the products?

It’s just you joined recently and have made six posts all promoting their products, which has involved going through the forum and digging up old posts just to promote the product.

We just installed a Nest/Yale lock and, so far, it’s worked flawlessly. I love that we can change the code on the fly and lock/unlock the deadbolt from our phones. We had a different keyless deadbolt prior to this one–not internet connected–and it was always a worry whether guest would have trouble and a) I would have to go down in my PJs in the middle of the night, or b) would not be nearby to fix an issue.

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@RiverRock I know this is almost a year old question now (although has been resurrected which is why I am seeing it now) but want to answer your question. You can update the codes for the August keypad remotely IF you also have the Connect hub for the WiFi access to it. No issues for me. It does exactly what you are asking for.

@bnbhost.co there are a few locks that integrate this way with Airbnb. I use the August Smart Lock and it has this capability.

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