Best smart lock for first timer

We are new to STR world and security is obviously at the top of our list. Our new shore home will come with a Schlage keypad lock but max’s out at 15 codes. We are interested in a lock we can use with an app with hopefully unlimited codes. Does anyone have a recommendation or locks to avoid? Ideally everything is incorporated into a handle not a deadbolt type.

The Schlage Encode can accommodate 100 codes. I have heard that it’s hard to get right now, though.

I’m not sure why you prefer an integrated unit. We use the keypad for the deadbolt, and replace keyed knobs with passage sets (unkeyed).


As guests check out you can overwrite their code with the next code. Unlimited codes sound like you are expecting to never delete a code, so people can get back in after their stay is up.

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Maybe unlimited wasn’t exactly what I meant to say. I would like more than the 15 codes and preferred an interactive lock. Preferably looking for one that I can establish when that code is no longer usable if that makes sense. Sounds like the Encode from Schlage is what I need. Maybe I need to go with a deadbolt also?

Check into RemoteLock. The lock does not need to be connected to Wifi and the guests don’t need an app to use it. You can set as many codes as you want for specified periods of time. The guest can change the code to be a shorter one if they want.

I don’t know how it holds up at the shore, though.

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I went with the Yale Assure locks and they have worked well for me.

  • I got the wifi module so I can set up and manage locks from anywhere.
  • I can also see the status of the lock from anywhere and lock or unlock it remotely.
  • there are other module options if you prefer to link it to your smart home system.
  • codes can be set for a specific time period. So, they start working at check-in and quit working at check-out.
  • guest have the option of just entering a code you assign to them, or, use an app if they prefer.

Note: they are supposed to be able to sync with Airbnb so the codes are setup automatically. But, this has been unreliable. so, I just disabled the airbnb sync and set them up myself.

Big fan of Remote Lock software and hardware; used on 5 doors in 2 homes. The software integrates with airbnb so you never have to even think about new codes, or deleting them… codes are assigned based on reservations, starting time and ending time automated to correspond to your airbnb check in.out presets; they also can send messages to your guests thru the airbnb message app so you automate the code, and also any other info you might want to send - I send specifics based on the lock, such as location for parking etc.

If no longer needed codes can be overwritten by new ones, why would you need more than 15 active ones?

I was more interested in the ability to access remotely if necessary.

I have two Schlage Encode locks for my two listings and absolutely love them to death. The first was around $200 and the second, with the chip shortage, was just under $500. But the doors are right beside each other and the matching locks work perfectly with the building style. Plus I knew it would have driven me nuts every time I look at them if they didn’t match.

For my guests, I have an assigned code for ‘Guest’ that I just update w/the last four digits of their phone number every time I have a new guest. My check-in info has explicit instructions on how to use the locks, and they’re super easy to change over wi-fi. No problems with them in a year, even though one of the doors is from 1921 and is electrified. (Our locksmith LOVED that one…something to do with an ancient buzzer system)

Smart locks are deadbolt locks.

Actually I was looking at a few smart locks that everything is incorporated into the handle. No deadbolt. Only a few I could find and none made by the big names in door hardware. I’d be more than happy to share with you if your interested?

These have been excellent. We non-smart versions of this one (we live on site so don’t need the wifi or Bluetooth bit) so I can’t speak to that function (though @jdmlt did) but it’s definitely a deadbolt. The company has been great to deal with. The glass on one of our locks got very scratched up (someone had a huge ring perhaps). When we called to see if replacement glass was available, they sent us a whole new lock for free.

On that note, we’ve since found that screen protectors are available for most of these locks. I recommend getting protectors for them. They’re similar to the glass that fits on phones.

They can be, but the useful ones are not. Smart deadbolts have many disadvantages in a home share situation. For axample, the extra action required to make sure the deadbolt lock does not destroy your door frame by having the bolt out and the door closed without the bolts retracting is a common problem.

Replacing your door handle lock with a smart door handle lock makes closing the door behind you have one less operation.


Thank you for pointing that out, I hadn’t really thought about it, but it’s true. And it also keeps the door from being secured. We spend a bit of time checking on the front door to make sure it’s actually closed. If I had it to do over again, I would get the door handle type.

I use a Yale lock, which i find works well. But, my specific one needs the Nest Connect. It all runs through the Nest app, which is convenient if you home has their other products.

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The Schlage Encode is a deadbolt only, and it suits my needs, as my place is 100 years old and I prefer the deadbolt and door handle/mechanism to be separate b/c it looks better on the big old doors.

A friend is looking at the Level Bolt. It’s a smart lock that installs within your existing door hardware.


It always concerned me (when I was a guest) when the lock code stays the same for everyone. What’s to keep the previous guest from entering while we are away? As a host, we got the Schlage lock that has 4 codes: 1 for us and the second we use for the last four digits of the guest’s phone number. It’s easy for them to remember and easy for us to change for the next folks. We don’t change it until we are through cleaning and ready for new guests. This prevents unexpected early-birds. My two cents.

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