Best shower enclosure?

Hello Everyone!

After 5 months of hosting and my guests having - literally - a toilet in a closet under the stairs to pee in - and having to walk upstairs to shower - we are investing in a full bathroom in that space.

clapping all around…yeah!!!

Even with that bathroom situation I’m booking up pretty well and can’t wait to increase my price because of the extra bath - and the people who’ve already booked are just lucky …Of course now I NEED the income…

ANYWAY - the question - I’m going to have a tiled shower stall - do I enclose it with glass or a curtain?

Glass is more expensive, harder to keep looking nice, BUT looks way classier.

Curtains are easy to clean and replace, BUT can look tacky. I have curtains upstairs in my tub/showers but somehow with a stall if feels cheap. I guess I could make sure I have a very nice one - fabric outside, vinyl inside, a pretty little tie-back or something?

I still will be something of a budget place for various reasons - I’m not trying to be something I’m not - I’m a busy mom with three kids and 4 jobs! I’d rather the price be on the low side and have them be surprised if I CAN give them 4 star service, than they be disappointed when I can’t.



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No advice here (I think both can look good), but just happy for you. This will really be great for business, and better for you and the guests!


Aw, thanks! I’m totally debt-averse but I think this is a good investment!

I have curtains in 2 of the bathrooms and actually my guests compliment me on my bathroom quite often. If you don’t crazy with design I think to invest in a bathroom is z good idea as its very long term and whst can be better than taking a shower in a beautiful bathroom!!

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If you are appropriately priced I don’t think a glass shower enclosure is going to make any difference whether a guest books or not. Personally I think about the all the time it takes to clean all that glass, inside and outside. I also would feel pretty naked taking a shower in a glass enclosure.

I don’t think shower curtains are tacky. I have an outer fabric curtain that guests compliment a lot. Inside curtain is white medium weight vinyl which doesn’t show water spots like clear plastic liners do. Tieback sounds a little fussy. Browse Zillow digs, Better Homes Garden, Pinterest for attractive shower curtain ideas. I just watched a Lowe’s bathroom make over where they put a fabric covered valance above with same fabric for a side curtain that turned out really pretty. In fact, my daughter bought a model home with all the furniture and the builder did the same thing with his shower tubs.

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You are right Karen, shower curtains are tacky.

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Funny, we did it the other way around: it only occurred to us that our place was nice enough to AirBnB after we got our ancient single bathroom replaced with two new ones. Both have bathtubs & shower fittings in custom enclosures with white tile on two sides, and a half wall on the third side. The bottom halves are tile with granite tops, and the top halves are frosted glass, but with enough of a downhang to attach shower rails to. The shower rails are curved outwards to give you more room in the middle (saw them in a hotel once). We use quite colourful shower curtains that look fine. We didn’t have the room for stock shower stalls (too deep), and with the tubs, I think the glass doors would have looked tacky or awkward anyway. The frosted glass parts never seem to need much cleaning, but very little water hits them. The granite top is handy for placing soap and so on, but we also have stylish grab-bar shelves made by Moen:

We’re getting older, so that grab bar is handy for getting out of the tub, and our shower slider post is also a grab bar. We wanted the safety features, but not the clinical look. It looks better “live” than it does in the photo - our space is quite small so it’s difficult to get a proper picture.


For me it is better when actually there’s no walls, I prefer wideness, it gives a feeling of freedom and luxury. That’s like when isn’t it? I think the main thing, what functional things, for example if you have a good shower head, it already means a lot

OMG!!! WANT WANT WANT!!! gotta wait til they run natural gas to my house so i can get hot water on demand but you’ve totally motivated me!! what’s that system called?

If you go with glass, you don’t want to cheap out. Glass can look dated/ugly if you use cheap products.

Solely on AIRBNB, i would get a shower curtain, easier, cheaper. I don’t think it looks tacky if get high quality bar/hardware and a nice curtain.

House resale value, it may makes sense to go glass if you are in a higher-end market.