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Best platform for creating my own property webpage


Hi, I use Airbnb and Homeaway for my Bali properties but I’m now up to six villas and it’s time to think about using my own site to book properties, in addition to AirBnb and Homeaway, and avoid the fees. I have lots of repeat bookings and many enquiries through my instagram posts, and want to send these potential guests to my own site to book.

I have no desire to build a website from scratch so what have people found to be the best existing companies that basically provide ready made platform for listing and booking STRs independently?

Note: I’m not looking for someone to create a website for me, I am looking for an existing, configurable platform designed specifically to host STR websites.



You could just direct people to book on a booking engine, no website required, I use the link below which goes direct to availability and booking page, payments by paypal.

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