Best of Airbnb- Stupid Questions

Craigslist has a “best of” for posts, but I think we need a Best of Stupid Questions for Airbnb guests. I’ll start with this exchange:
Guest: I am trying to boil water, where is the lighter?
Me: It is an electric stove so just turn the dial to 10 and it will heat up to boil
Guest: So there will be no visible fire?
Guest: It is working! Thanks!

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Awh! I don’t see unfamiliarity with something as stupid usually… :slight_smile:


Could we have a Best of Stupid Questions for Airbnb hosts as well? :wink:

I’ve read a lot of questions on this forum and thought “These people should NOT BE HOSTS.”

I agree with Zandra that your story is not one so much of stupidity as one of ignorance. Amusing though.


I suppose it must be possible that there are travellers who have never even seen an electric stove, but it does boggle the mind a bit … your guest will probably go home now and tell all his/her friends about how brilliant your amazing no-fire stove is and they’ll all want one!

Nah. I have electric and I hate it; gas allows for truly wonderful cooking to take place. It’s less safe though … I have no gas in my building which means no carbon monoxide poisoning or gas explosions.

I had to resurrect this post for today’s question …

Guest: How do I turn off the light in the master bedroom?

Me: It’s not an electric light. It’s a sky light.

Last night he asked if there was ice in the freezer.

Wow - I am already looking forward to this doofus’ review.


I’ve had that question about my bathroom. And he might be a doofus but then, who puts a skylight in a master bedroom unless it’s one of those with a built in shade. (I’m being snarky on the assumption that the skylight was there when you bought the cabin.) Most people on vacation want to sleep past daybreak and light bothers a lot of sleepers.

LOL. Now you left us without your answer and his response.


Guest: can you do anything about the deer near the house? They are scaring my kids.
Me: its a golf course and since the house is right on the fairway, there are always a lot of deer.

Me wanna say: Just last week a cougar/mountain lion walked in front of my Arlo in the evening, then took down a deer just three lots away. I wouldn’t worry about the deer…


Sorry, I don’t see that “Is there ice in the freezer?” is a stupid question. I’m sure he meant “ice cubes”, and I’ve been places that have ice cube trays but none are full and there is no ice in the freezer.

Lazy, yes. He could have just looked.

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Yeah - The skylights were there when we bought the house. But they are two solar tubes, very gradual and soft light. I have slept in the room and it is like a nightlight. Heck, maybe he didn’t want to see the person he was sleeping with, haha!!

I guess I am just frustrated with this guy … He’s wanted a grill, a blender, ice, and now to turn off the sun. Augh.

We know guests don’t read but this guy is more annoying than a sleepover of 11 year old girls.


Lol, welcome to my world on this Saturday night, there all here, I barely know there names (joke) but I would rather the kids friends hang out here, where I can keep an eye on them:) Now I must make pizza.



@RiverRock - too funny, that is my reality this weekend too! 5 girls, giggles and lots of popcorn. Such a great weekend for a parent actually … They’re here, happy and safe, but how is it that they never ever ever get tired? Lol!


Hi would you accept $25 cash for a nights accommodation


Side by side Refrigerator Freezer with in the freezer door ice & water dispenser.

Guest-the Ice dispenser doesn’t work
Me- is there any ice in the ice bucket? A few hours ago I emptied the ice bucket. The ice was frozen into a clump.

Guest-no Ice in the bucket. I tried the ice dispenser again. It’s still not working
Me—in a few hours new ice will drop in the bucket and the dispenser will have something to dispense. There is a bag of ice in the freezer. Use that until new ice freezes

Guest—so you aren’t going to fix the dispenser?
Me—no. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Next day
Guest-I thought you would like to know the dispenser started working.


Entire home, breakfast supplies in fridge and shown to every new guest.
9-45 - When are you coming to cook our breakfast?

Me-Ithaca is self catering and I showed you the contents of the fridge. Reminder that check out is at 10am.

Get there at 10 to find them gone, kitchen stripped of ALL supplies and their left over dinner spread through out the house.


A review that stated that my city and neighbourhood were “very dirty”.

I’ll get right on that.


@justMandi - ah, so hosting isn’t enough. Now we are Street-Sweeper-BNB. :rage:

She mentioned privately that when I traded her up to the best room at no extra charge, she found a pile of dead bugs under the bed. The horror! …but maybe staying up till 3 am and leaving the window open and the lights on …nahhhh. It’s the host!

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Very dirty is a real thing. Considering a trip to San Fransisco and all of sudden I smelled urine… Why can’t SF get on top of this issue. It f’ing stinks. But then there is the upside, naked people on buses and whatnot, I am making reservations.


We didn’t get a complaint about this, but we did have a guest with this experience. We have an open-air house (no glass over the windows - just screens and louvered heavy wood shutters) and are in the southern Caribbean. Because the house is open, our housekeeper shows up at least every other day to clean. These guests told me “we’re clean people, we don’t need no stinkin’ housekeeper” (not exactly those words, but…

The first evening they left the doors open and the lights on. They didn’t notice it at the time, but all the little flies came in the house, drawn by the lights. The next morning, they came out to a living room and kitchen with hundreds of little black things that looked like mouse droppings - but with wings. They called me frantically and asked if I could send the housekeeper up right away and where did we keep the hand vacuum??? After that, they closed the doors in the evenings and let the housekeeper show up!