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Best management software/app for Host with multiple account

Hey everyone,

Based on what has happened in NY we decided to split our accounts and in order to that we need a software/app help us to gather all accounts in one place, I know GUESTY has done a great job to do that but they charge you for “Auto reply” as well which is not in our list, so we need help here.

Soul :grinning:

I apologize in advance for promoting ourselves. Hostaways is launched in a few weeks and will manage accounts on both Airbnb and other platforms. It functions like the standard Airbnb mobile app but supports multiple sales channels.

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Sounds great, are you guys are Toronto base ?

Our development is in Helsinki but the sales and marketing teams are in Toronto.

What do you mean by “what has happened in NY”?

I guess SoulHome was referring to NYC cracking down on “multiple unit hoarders” with their new bill: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/politicians-work-ban-airbnb-ads-stamp-illegal-hotel-article-1.2472396

The irony is that neither the politician nor the NY Daily News seems to know the difference between hoarding and a horde :slight_smile: I’ve heard of a horde of people running amok, but never apartments running around in a horde.


Hi Soul, feel free to check out https://www.orbirental.com, which allows gathering multiple accounts and management of properties over multiple channels. Hope this helps.

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Hey, SoulHome, did you have a chance to try all new features we recently introduced at MultiChat?

That would be exact tool for you to isolate risks of your landlords and investors by start using of their respectful accounts. Again, you can not (and should not) be creating multiple accounts for the same name, it’s against T&C of airbnb. But, since you manage those for your investors and owners, you can basically start managing airbnb under their accounts (with their approval, of course).

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Hello Igor,

Do you mind sending me an invite for your service? We’d be interested in trying it out.


Is it possible to use your program with booking.com?

You might want to also check out BnbBoss. I think they are getting ready to launch in the next month.

That is correct Margaret.

We are currently accepting Concierges and Hosts into our Early Access program and will be launching to the general public within the next couple of months.

Thanks for the shout out!!

This is why I think we’re seeing the industry lean a little bit more towards property managers again. They can manage your properties without getting into legal trouble with this new bill.

I know some people have bad attitudes towards them because they think property managers are outdated, but that’s not the case anymore. There are companies out there - Pillow is one I just read about and the only one I can think of off the top of my head right now – that have modernized the property management industry as well as Airbnb has modernized how we book short-term rentals. They are just as tech savvy and supportive and have some really cool service feature that I think you would benefit from in your situation.

Thank you Margaret, we’ll contact bnbboss to see what they have to offer.

Hi Bobas!
You can use our channel manager with booking.com
It will let you mange inventory simultaneously on multiple platforms.
If it is something you were looking for we will be happy to give you test account access to try everything free of charge.
Please live your inquiry at travellineus.com or contact me here at the forum.


Absolutely! We’re fully integrated with both Booking.com and Airbnb. You can even use the Automatic Pricing of Airbnb to set booking.com prices using a markup on Hostaway.

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