Best IKEA sofa-bed

I’d really appreciate any views on the best Ikea sofa-bed for occasional use. I’ve gone for Ikea as many products are the same worldwide. We are in south-west France, so alternative local suggestions would of course be welcome. Thanks in advance!

@Barthelemy would be your go-to here. Any suggestions Barthelemy?

I bought the Friheten corner sofa bed for my space. I love the versatility it provides with storage and its comfortable as a bed unlike many sofa beds I tried. Only downside, covers are not removable so I cover it with a throw just in case! So far its good as new.

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We have the IKEA, VALLENTUNA modular sofa (with sofa bed) in our apartment in Portugal. My mother has slept on it and she felt comfortable. I’m a bit heavier and felt more or less comfortable on it. What I like most is that it looks great and the modularity of the design gives you loads of options.

Hello @zentravel,

I am in France too :slight_smile: Would this sofa-bed be used mostly as a sofa or mostly as a bed ?

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Looks like it is being discontinued. If you need another section, now is the time!

That would really be a shame if they already discontinued such a wonderful product ! Where did you get that information?

That is quite a new design and still appears available in Belgium, France and Portugal. Could it be that this sofa hasn’t arrived yet in your part of the world?

We have the Vallentuna, Asarum (Europe only), and Holmsund. The vallentuna is the best looking and most comfy, the other two require a very thick foam mattress pad to make them even a bit comfy.

They are a IKEA family special with the tag line “while supplies last.”

@anon67190644 My Ikea Family discount is ‘all sofas’ are 15% off while supplies last

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Aha! Maybe it isn’t then… I often get these promotions on a specific item just before it goes poof. And things at IKEA do poof a lot.


I love the Hemnes daybed frame. Throw lots of pillows and it’s a decadent sofa. Change to bed pillows, and it’s a twin bed. Plus storage underneath (where I keep the extra pillows and sheets).

It is a deeper footprint than a sofa bed, though, so if space is a big issue then it’s not the best solution.

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Isn’t a twin bed only a twin bed when there’s two of them? Otherwise surely it’s a single bed.

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In the US, a twin and a single are the same thing.

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Do you ever say single ? Or is it just twin ? By which I suppose I mean what’s the most popular way to refer to a single bed?

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We always say twin. If someone says single I know they are from another culture.

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Good to know. Because I would make the mistake of thinking if there was a twin in the room that it meant two single beds.

Isn’t twin derived from a hotelroom with two single beds in it?
If yes, wondering what a hotelroom with one single bed in it is called in the USA?

I’ve never been in a hotel room with one single bed. Every hotel room I’ve been in has at least a double bed.

The internet says because single mattresses were sold in sets of two.

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