Best house rules for people who rent rooms in their house?

I am uncertain about what to do about house rules on my listing. They started out with “Just behave as though you were visiting a strict aunt” to a about a page of don’t do this and don’t do that. I even added things like, don’t flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet and no weapons in the house? Is that overkill? SHOULDN’T THAT BE OBVIOUS? Meanwhile, I just had a guy who ended up breaking lots of house rules in (eating in his room, parking in the wrong spot, cooking in the kitchen without permission, smoking pot in the backyard) but he was so charming it didn’t matter. He didn’t leave crumbs in his room, he cooked a dessert which he shared with me (he was a chef) and cleaned up after himself, and his pot use was only outside and not annoying. He also mentioned he was dyslexic, which was a pretty good excuse for being unable to read room rules. The other typical excuse is they can’t read English, which is also understandable.

LOL! Weapons?! Oh my! A strict aunt? How funny. :smile:

This is a funny story… the guy obviously knew how to charm you but in the future you can make things more clear. I rent a studio apartment and keep a copy of the main rules on the fridge so they can’t miss it! I go over the main ones with them when they check in.

You should disallow smoking pot on your property! Just say smoking of any kind not allowed! What if your neighbors called the cops???

I’m in Seattle…it’s legal! In fact, I live very close to the Industrial District, and I’ve seen articles predicting it will be the new “Amsterdam” of Seattle, since pot shops have to follow zoning laws and be away from schools, etc. I am having to rethink whether I want to be 420 friendly, especially when I think about how easy it would be to stock rooms with pot lozenges, aside from free beers…that would probably be a huge draw, but what kind of people would it bring?

LOL!!! I forgot it got legalized in Washington state, my bad, hahahah. Times, they are a changin’ !! :smiley:
I personally ban any forms or smoking… vaps, traditional cigs and even incense and mosquito coils. You could say smokers could walk up to the street if they wish.

I currently say no vaporizing either…but I’m not sure why. Heck, why shouldn’t I allow Ecigarettes or vaporizers? Do they leave any awful smell behind or is it just a smell like perfume or incense?

Not sure…Personally, I don’t like any kind of smoking and I just don’t allow any sort of smoking… I do state though that if they are POLITE outdoors smokers, I may allow it but we have to discuss it first…

If people are getting high in your home… their judgment could be impaired and you could incur damages… The one time it happened to me, the guests from hell had invited some local stranger over and they were drinking and vapping in my home and I ended up with a broken table, lots of noise and a bundle of wracked nerves.

In general, I would say anything that encourages a party atmosphere is better left to dorms and college freshmen… not your personal space. But maybe it’s just me!

Yeah, you’re right. I guess I won’t turn my home into a recreational pot smokers vacation paradise here.

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dyslexic people CAN read. so this is a lie, that he was not able to read. pfff…

Lololol. The excuses of being dyslexic or not being able to read English are humorous! So I wonder how he was able to book your place?

In your house rules you want to be clear to note as many as possible so that Airbnb rules in your favor of a damage deposit dispute. The more transparent you are of guest expectations and penalties, then the more likely Airbnb will rule in your favor. They have stressed to me the importance of being as transparent as possible before the guest makes a reservation request.

One thing you can put in your listing is to ask guests to state in their inquiry that they have read and acknowledge all house rules beforehand - then they have no excuse.

As far as advertising as 420 friendly - in my experience most heavy pot smokers are not heavy drinkers, and vice versa. Most people have their drug of choice. I would prefer the heavy pot smoker (if it was done outside) vs. someone stumbling around drunk. I only know a couple of people who heavily indulge in both equally and they are a sloppy mess. You could always put in your listing that light drinking/420 is acceptable but if the guest plans to party heavily then this is not the place for them.

I wouldn’t even give mention to the fact that light drinking or 420 is acceptable! That plants the seed that they can do it, and we all know how these things get out of hand!

Speaking of recreational pot smokers paradises in Seattle…our local news featured an AirBnB host with a Bud and Breakfast…

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