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Best Cleaning Service (Los Angeles)


I’ve used two cleaning services in Los Angeles and neither has been very reliable for our Airbnb.

  • MaidThis! Which used HomeOn to connect to my Airbnb, was convenient to schedule but their cleaners didn’t do a very good job, very uncomprehensive and lazy, things were not double checked, they didn’t even look at our patio.
  • TIDY, which I just used for the first time and our cleaner canceled last minute. This happened today and I’m actively scrambling to find a replacement. TIDY is searching but there’s no phone number to call and explain the urgency nor is their concierge email responding.

Do any of you have a reliable cleaning service that you use? It’s hard to find, because most cleaners come on a regular weekly schedule but our hosting is sporadic. Let me know please!

An international forum isn’t the best place to look for LA local things, Will. There should be a LA specific Host group that would have more appropriate info.

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I thought some services might be nation-wide and there were a couple LA and SF specific threads on the front page, so I thought there might be some locals here who could help.

Hello Will!

My name is Jon and I currently run an airbnb cleaning company located in Los Angeles. Not sure where in LA you are currently hosting? BUT if you’re still in need of a good reliable cleaning company shoot me a message. Our cleaners pay attention to detail as well as report any damages to ensure satisfaction of all your guest. We truly understand the importance of being a 5 start host. Shoot me a message if you are interested.

Best regards,

I dunno, Jon, aka dustaway, sounds too perfect, must be a fabulous!!

I don’t see a problem posting for something LA specific. That then creates an LA thread.

I am also looking for a good LA cleaning service. Tried MaidThis and HeathersAngels and neither did a good enough job to continue with.

Please let me know if you have an LA Cleaning service recommendation. Thanks!!

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