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Best Cities to be a Host?

HI there,

I have been a successful super host in Los Angeles for several years now. I am currently looking to expand but the new laws that may be passed are scaring me off. I have the flexibility to start another pretty much anywhere on the planet so where would you suggest? I was looking into San Diego but that looks like it could lead to some huge headaches. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I suggest you don’t do it!

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hard to know what the future will be

It’s because of ideas like this that municipalities are cracking down on air and it’s really not the original idea although I’m pretty sure Airbnb was hoping for this or maybe not. However, we hosts who are legit are getting all the bad pr


Are you saying don’t do it in San Diego or don’t do it anymore at all?

From what I hear, Culver City is a good city in which to be an Airbnb host. They are known to be business friendly and I’ve heard are not considering any restrictions on Airbnb.

Isn’t Culver City considered to be a part of Los Angeles?

No, Culver City is a separate city from Los Angeles. Culver City has its own local government officials and its own regulations.

Best cities to be a Host or best cities in which to try to expand your investment portfolio? If it is something you are wanting to do to make a living, i.e. you need the money, it’s somewhat risky. If you are looking to buy property to rent out that you aren’t living in I think it’s especially risky in large cities where STRs are removing rental property from the market. I think anywhere, even if it’s a low-regulatory environment, will consider limiting Airbnbs if their lower wage workers are priced out of housing.


Just out of interest, what kind of investment/return are you aiming for?

I ask because I’m selling my AirBnB property in NorCal at the end of the summer and hadn’t even thought of selling it as a business, which maybe i should…

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Hey Lucy,
I am looking to lease a place to then rent it out as it affords more flexibility then an outright purchase. What do you mean selling your place as a business ?

I mean selling the single unit vacation rental business (furnishings, protocol, contract with housekeeper, permit, AirBnB listing) as you would sell any other business, along with the property itself. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good investment, given the time involved in managing it, but someone else might! :wink:

Havana, Cuba - fastest expanding Airbnb market
Kyoto, Japan - very high demand and limited supply
Phi Phi, Boracay, Lombok, Siem Reap - year round tourism with limited airbnb presence

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