Best bed setup for 2br apartment?

Hi All,

I’m almost done renovating a 2 bed / 1 bath condo that I’ll be putting on Airbnb soon (my first!) and I’m wondering what other people have done for bed setups in each room:

1 queen / 2 twins
1 queen / 1 queen
2 twins / 2 twins

What are the advantages/disadvantages to each setup? Also, is it worth having an additional pull-out bed in the living room?


Will it be 4 guests max for the whole place? Or would the sofa bed be for an additional 2 guests?

I suppose I could go either way. I was originally thinking 4 max but I’m wondering if the extra 2 guests will be worth the extra income.

Being that you only have 1 bathroom…I would limit it to 4 guests. What kind of people do you think you will attract? Lots of singles, families with kids, or couples? Or all three?

My rental is a two bedroom with one king and one queen. I do have floor mattresses that can be used in the basement area for 2 extra guests. I didn’t like having a sofa bed because once people pull out the bed, they likely are not going to put it back in during their stay. So your bed will now crowd the living room and become the center piece.

Plus, guests often don’t think things through about the sleeping arrangements. If a party of 6 booked and the little ones are going to be sleeping on the sofa bed. The kids usually go to bed early so that means everyone else won’t be able to sit and hang out in the living room.

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I have a 2br apartment with one queen and two twin beds. While I mostly host families due to my location near Disneyland Paris, I also frequently host parties of 4 adults (4 friends or two couples) who seem OK with this arrangement.

I would not put a sofa bed in the living room but maybe you could consider an extra bed (the ones that slide under a single bed) under one of the twins if there is enough room, I frequently have to refuse requests from couples with three kids who ask me if there is any way to have an extra bed.

my listing is a 2bd/1bath house. I went back and forth on this for awhile and decided on 2 queen beds. I noticed that many of the 2 bd listings in my area had 1queen and 2 twins, so my decision was based on having something different from the local competition. Maybe check out what other people offer in your area? I get a lot of families, but when they have 2 kids the kids usually just share the queen.