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Best bed cover?

I’m renting rooms in my house, which will be to couples. I’m unsure what will be the most appealing design for couples, how feminine or masculine the interior design should be?

This is what I am currently thinking about for a bed cover…

What do you think?


We use white or gray with accent color pillows when I am in the mood. Appeals to everyone.

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I quite like white but it would be the hardest to keep properly clean, would probably get stains showing. Grey is ok, but I can’t imagine particularly appealing.

White is easiest to clean for me thanks to bleach


Ah I see! So although white shows things up more, then can be completely removed with bleach, unlike coloured which would turn funny with bleach?

I was recommended blue by someone else.

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Two factors to consider now;

the design so people like the look and also the ability to easily and properly clean away any stains.

Some people use dark color, but I prefer to bleach a stain than to hide it. Here is also some useful discussion about it.


Gray is hot in style right now, and has the added benefit of being gender neutral. Pink is so clearly feminine, and little girl at that.

I looked at the “customers who bought this item also bought” scroll at the bottom and found this:

The flower pattern is still a little feminine, but there was ton of chintz on that scrollbar (is that still in style in the UK?). The advantage of a pattern is that stains don’t jump out at you.

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I’m actually thinking this, only £9.55 including delivery! Doesn’t need ironing and is white so can be bleached if stained;


then maybe some of these to add a little colour and comfort so sit up on;


I have to say, I hate sleeping on polyester. Which reminds me, I need to add the fact that all my fabrics are natural fibers to my listing.


That seems like a reasonable option. Price is good and it does what you need. Just put some color in the room with art or furniture that doesn’t need washing.

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Thinking about these for fun :slight_smile:


Cotton or cotton blend duvet covers in a neutral sort of pattern or a solid white with decor pillows. As far as keeping clean, something you can see the stains easily and treat is better than something that hides stains. Hyrdrogen peroxide for blood, Oxyclean is good and clorine bleach. But ruined bedding is part of the cost of doing business.


I like the White set. But I think the last 2 pillows are a bit childish.

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I use white 100% cotton because I can bleach/napisan it. It is a textured white. I did have a poly/cotton blend, but it didn’t see the year out. The 100% cotton one still looks new.

For guests who stay 3 nights or less, I triple sheet. (look it up) with a white/white stripe top sheet. Really quick and easy to change beds and because I don’t want to wash a duvet cover after just a few nights. But triple sheeting doesn’t work that well for longer than 3 nights, because it eventually becomes un-made which must be annoying for the guests. Hotels triple sheet for a reason. It’s such a timesaver and looks fabulous.

Good luck with your hosting.

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Thanks for the tip! I looked up triple sheeting and after advise from someone else, I ordered a sheet to put between the duvet and bed, so all I have to wash is the sheet (saves changing dovet every time!). I’m not sure I want to have a triple sheet though. Isn’t one sheet below the duvet enough? Rather then one on top as well?

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll get something a bit more plain then.

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You can still put some character with throw pillows , but I would avoid something too limited to a certain age or gender. But as I learned here in this forum , it is your house , your rules. With a more fun pillow you probably won’t appeal to older or more serious guests.

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Bedding decisions can’t be made in a vacuum! We would need to see the whole room to understand the factors that come together to make a whole design. But I can say this: no pink.

And I would not err on the side of anything that is overtly masculine of femenine.

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