Best AirBnB WiFi Settings & Hardware

I have a top of the line Wireless Modem, Router and Extender.
Should 2.4ghz and/or 5.0ghz be run through 2 units in a building?

Ideas of WiFi Names? “Starting with A” (in Atlanta) and PW: "atl…"
At LAN Tans… ATL Loft… ATL… etc?

Should I use both 2.4 & 5.0 wireless bands? or just the longer 2.4? possibly keep the 5.0 private just for me?

Router: Archer C7 - AC1750 Wireless Dual Band
Extender: TP-LINK AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE450)

You’re overthinking this…

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I cant help with the settings but the ID and PW, do you have a name for your place? Our wifi name is the name of the house. The PW is the last word of our house and the numbers in our address

How do you even change the name of your wifi …

I am not sure, its somewhere in the settings. My husband is IT so he does all the techy stuff. Call your internet company, they can tell you. =)

You change the name of your wifi (the SSID) by logging into your wireless router. The common address to type into your browser is (some may differ, check the manual or website of the manufacturer).
Once you log into the router, look for Wireless Settings. You should se an entry for SSID. May place is Barton Run Lodge so I made my SSID Barton Run Lodge. I live in a remote area, so I don’t have mine password protected, but I recommend an easy password like airbnb or something easy to remember. Hope this helps!

The higher router models (e.g. Asus) have a Guest mode. You can have a separate Hotspot called ‘guest’ and a separate easy to enter password but still using one router. People logging into this cannot browse your home network (you’d be surprised how much of your stuff may be visible that way). So I would set up that separate hotspot ID for long term airbnb usage.

Guest WiFi solution - google for Start Hotspot Guest WiFi

Everything you need - limit Internet download, upload, available data, time or set expiration date. Offer free WiFi or bill for access.

Discount for all AIRBNB customers.

I have a place in Mexico with 4 units. I was confused about tech issues as well. I found a solution through a company called Free World Wifi, they have a small router (they call it an Access Point) that connects to my main router and it has software built into it that allows me to access it remotely. I can log in to my account - see what each guest is doing in terms of data download, usage times and a bunch more stuff. It’s super easy to install (plug and play).

I got pretty tired of one guest streaming all the time, this system lets me implement a “Voucher” system where I can offer my guests a “reasonable” amount of data usage and for those guests that need more because of work or because of gaming - they can pay for it. It’s also super easy as they can pay for it via PayPal right from their computer, kind of like some hotels have.

I don’t live in Mexico all the time, so accessing and controlling WiFi from Canada is really a game changer for me.

A few quick notes: I ran a cable from my main router to each of the suites and plugged in the Access Point in at each unit. It’s a tiny box the size of a deck of cards. Each one is separate and I can control each one separately.

Hope this helps.

Their website is freeworldwifi dot com navigate to the “Enterprise” page for the Airbnb info.

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OK Thank you. Appologies.

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I got powerline extenders to extend wifi throughout our listing via the electricity sockets.
Works fantastic!