Belfast, NI - Certification needed from Tourist board?

Hi folks,

Interested in joining the AirBnB community by hosting a private room in Belfast.

There is some talk about needing a certificate in Northern Ireland from the tourist board, and making your listing match one of the Tourist Accommodation Certification Types.

Was told over the phone even simply offering a private room, no ensuite, that at the bare minimum you would need to offer a breakfast menu (the ‘Guest house’).

Has anyone else in Belfast experience with this? It’s a £80 fee and it seems a bit old fashioned (given it is based on 1992 legislation that isn’t entirely unfair!).

Any feedback would be mcuh appreciated
Thanks all

Welcome to the forum Wise Joey D! I’m state-side so I can’t help you but wishing you happy hosting!

Hi , am down south in Dublin so not much use to you. BnB regulations are very strict in the republic, hope you are not suppose to adhere to those. There is an aerbnb fb group and you might get some northern people on that page. If that fails go to airbnb , do a search for other people in the north and go for someone with a happy face and send a message

Thank you both, much appreciated help and welcomes! :slight_smile:

I am going to follow up with those and see if I can find someone who can let me know. It would be useful to message someone with a listing on Airbnb in Belfast, though obviously I’m a bit wary - a potential rival scoping out the lay of the land? :wink: Hopefully it goes down the right way

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I recently helped out a new host in Denver (about 20 minutes from my Air place). She reached out and I sent numerous emails letting her know why I thought she wasn’t getting many bookings (he biggest mistakes were charging for each guest over one – looked like a bait and switch, and charging $200 for cleaning a 1200 sq. ft. house!). She is far enough away that she is not competition for me. I would not do that for someone closer :relieved: