Being promoted from Cleaner to Airbnb Property Manager

Hi I have been cleaning a home for 12 months in Mollymook NSW the owner has asked me to become a cohost on Airbnb/ Property Manager hes offering me a percentage of the monthly earnings but I am not sure what to charge him would 10 percent be a reasonable price.
Cheers Simone

Hello and Welcome to the forum!

The answer to your question depends on what additional services you will be expected to perform.

Will you still be paid the same amount to do the cleaning, with an additional 10% to take on management responsibilities?

What will the management responsibilities be? For instance, will you be shopping for supplies like TP and shampoo? Will you be doing all the laundry? Communicating with guests on Airbnb? Running over to the listing when people can’t get in, set off the smoke alarm, can’t figure out how to reset the router, and so on?

I cohosted a 2 BR whole house property for awhile. I got the whole cleaning fee plus 15% of the payout. I was responsible for all the things mentioned above. The only thing I didn’t do was maintenance, when guests did things like pull the towel rack off the wall.