Being harassed on FB

I just had someone post an event on FB with a picture of my home and my address, so people will show up to city hall to speak against me getting my AirBnB open. To quote: " Do you want pedophiles and drug dealers staying next to you for the weekend? The property owner is currently operating one without a permit or license. Let’s be fair with the owner, but we don’t want another hotel/motel like we had at Midland and Woodson. Be there to voice your opinion, speak up or don’t complain when a crime is committed."

I would share the event itself, but like I said it shows my home and address :frowning:

Yay for trying to do things legally and above board. This guy has obviously been paying attention to me, as I’ve spoken up about child trafficking on the news (my son was almost abducted), and I’ve recently been vocal in my town about police not getting raises, etc. Just exhausted, trying not to give up. But yeah, the police just left my house.

I guess just venting to people who empathize. I’m doing my best not to engage with him and letting the police handle it.


Is he violating criminal law? It sounds more like you need a lawyer who can send him a letter. Suing him for libel might get him to behave. Also report to facebook.


If you do have a permit or a license, you can definitely sue him. In my small town the school principal successfully sued parents of children at the school for stuff they wrote on facebook (the parents). You won’t make much, but it should cover your costs.

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I’m still in the process of being permitted. He’s trying to get people to protest it at planning and zoning in 2 weeks and the council meeting in a month. Thankfully I have people posting positively so far.

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Wow that is awful @Sarah_Warren. We had a ‘Men’s Shed’ in our street and some people starting calling it the Pead Shed and tried to get it shut down as it was close to the primary school. Just awful. However it is now housed at the High School. I hope it all works out for you.

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So Sad and I understand and feel for you.
I am involved with our town now creating new regulations …
7 years ago I did offend a council person…and I learned from my mistake, and have spent the last years making up for my mistake.
Sadly, I have also kept my mouth tightly shut on every controversial issue that has happened in the past 5 years.
I am a volcano just waiting to erupt after I get permanently deemed legal.
Local politics is all about relationships.
All that being said, I would definitely contact an attorney in this situation.
I also want to note that my properties ARE currently considered legal…my worry is now that the town is making new regulations, they will change it and make us not legal. I am pushing for a non conforming use, which is why I am totally nice to everyone with power.


Sounds like he just posted a public record with comments.

Report that post to FB and ask for it to be removed. It is an inappropriate use of their platform and a violation of their tos.


I am so sorry to hear that this guy has abused FB to harass you. Firstly contact FB to report.

Secondly block this guy from all your social media channels.

I don’t know how the law works in the U.S. but here we would get a lawyer to issue a cease and desist letter.

Just to check if you are still in the process of getting a permit, does this mean you are still able to operate your Airbnb pending a decision being made. Or are you not operating it until the permit is approved?

What did the police suggest when you contacted them?

I haven’t been a able to operate in a year now. I am waiting for this process to be completed over the next month to make me legal. Over the past few months, twice I’ve had people stay with me (friends, etc), and the city has gotten calls to report my violation. Thankfully the employee has called me first and recommends sadly that I may want to stop letting people stay with me altogether.

The police have told me to ask the admins to take the posting down and several officers (on their personal profiles) and lot of people have reported it to FB. But the admins are standing by it as it’s opinion and all info and photos found through public record and google.

Well, the police are fully supportive of me as I have been very vocal in trying to get them their first raises in FIVE years (despite voters passing tax increases to increase funding to the PD, the council keeps spending and using these dedicated taxes to divert funding to other areas…). I’ve been printing budgets, speaking at council meetings, and obviously been pissing people off. I was contacted by an officer this morning who is going to look into it more when he gets on shift today as he is concerned with how much this guy is paying attention to me, and making comments about me and my family and home.

Anyway, it’s common knowledge that many of the local officials have fake FB profiles and this person is just within their legal rights, which shows them to be a stupid idiot. I think they’re trying to scare me off and get lots of public outcry (which is backfiring) so they can justify voting no even though I’ve been going through the proper legal channels, paying for applications and inspections, making upgrades, etc. This is a small town run by people who run unopposed and an administrator who is overpaid.

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sorry to read of your hassles, you can actually meet some amazing people with home sharing. I had a retired detective who worked in human trafficking from Holland last week ( the stories he could tell ), several doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, artists, engineers, divers, athletes , scientists, the list is endless as am sure other hosts can add.

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Yes, I love having guests and chatting. After having on 2 occasions now a “room-mate” rent the space, I want the freedom of blocking the calendar for a break or for letting friends and family stay. I want to use my home as I see fit. I don’t want some anonymous FB troll harassing me, as in comments he started bringing up how I got on the news after my son was almost abducted, and how I homeschool, etc. And obviously someone is watching if I get a call from the city within days of friends arriving to stay.

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The news contacted me after seeing the FB hoopla. Here’s what they put together. It’s interesting what they put in based on spending an hour with them…


Oh dear this guy sounds like a jerk. Hope you get your licensing sorted out soon.

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You come across wonderfully! And cute! They show your situation in a very good light! Pulling for you Sarah, you’ve got moxie!


Good luck. Great interview - great publicity. You came through just fabulous.
Way to go !
Keep us posted


Yeah, I feel that even though they seemed to focus on random comments and not what I was mainly saying, it was fairly covered. I keep drawing attention to myself though. I just want our police officers to get raises and my Airbnb to quietly get opened again, but you stand up to city hall and you’re going to draw negative attention. But thankfully because I was willing to do this interview, they covered the council meeting because they thought angry residents would come and try to talk bad about Airbnb. Instead the reporter got great footage of the council putting their feet in their mouths and documentation of how short staffed and low paid our PD is. Oh well, I’m going on a tangent, but that’s what I’ve been focusing on for so long and now people are using my Airbnb against me :frowning:


Wont show me out of the region

Post a private link, report him, the more that report the better

Look how cute you are!!! You have those natural rosy cheeks. :heart_eyes:You look great and sounded professional. Glad the news took your side, how could anyone find a downside here?