Being Harassed by Banned User who Airbnb has Unbanned

A guest booked my listing two months ago and threw an unauthorised party, which disturbed our neighbours until the early hours of the morning. She also used illegal drugs on the property.

I requested additional money from her for additional guests, trashing the house and a late check out. In her response she claimed that we told her she could throw the party and that my cleaning staff told her that they were happy to see the property damaged and filthy when they arrived. Obviously I won the dispute and she had to pay up.

As soon as I raised the dispute, she contacted Airbnb to report me for having CCTV at the property, despite this being disclosed in the listing and being outdoors. Airbnb had to temporarily suspend my listing while they conducted an ‘investigation’, but this was resolved within an hour as it was clear that it was disclosed correctly.

Airbnb then banned the guest’s account for throwing an unauthorised party and using illegal drugs during her stay.

Today I received an email from Airbnb. My listing has been suspended as she has contacted Airbnb and told them that I racially abused her. For some reason they have also unbanned her account and she is free to use the platform again.

I wasn’t even able to leave her a review to warn other hosts as I was unable to leave one after she checked out due to it being banned.

Can anybody offer any advice?

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Contact Airbnb and asked them to show you what proof she used to back up her false accusations. Obviously, she lying to get you suspended. If it’s not resolved, then try creating an account on VRBO or

2 months after her stay she is accusing you? If it isn’t obvious to Airbnb that this is nothing but revenge, they are truly vile. If they don’t unsuspend you pronto and assure you this false allegation will not appear on their records as some black mark, I would go to the press and tell them you are going to. This is outrageous.


I think threats of going to the press may be exactly how this woman had her ban lifted. She’s not famous or even a prominent figure, but she has been in the news a few times.

I have currently had my listing suspended for 12 hours and have already lost a week-long booking as a result of a guest booking elsewhere and not being willing to wait.

I’m assuming that nothing will happen until the agent assigned to the case is back in the office. I just have to hope that he’s working tomorrow!

The agent being unavailable/ away for a few days is one of the tactics used to increase your stress and anxiety and hopefully make you give up.
It is a truly horrible position to be in and a method they use to show you how much control they have over your business.
Stay strong and I am being positive for you.


I agree. I made a claim on AirCover for $800 and it took four months for me to get $400 from it My rep was continually on vacation - at work for two days then off for two weeks. I almost got snarky and asked them if they ever actually worked, but decided that wouldn’t help my case.


“I’ll be out of the office for a couple days” (even though most of them are working from home, complete with barking dogs and crying babies in the background) is definitely their standard line and lie. I also have to bite my tongue to say, “Wow, working as an Airbnb CS sure must be great- seems like none of you work more than 1 or 2 days a week.”


An update on this.

My listing was suspended for 45 hours and I have a note on my account that a guest reported me for racially abusing them.

If another accusation is made against me, I will be banned from Airbnb.

I guess I can only raise disputes through the resolution centre for guests who are the same ethnicity as myself from now on.

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Wouldn’t that be discrimination against you for being of a certain ethnicity???

I can’t believe the world has come to this…

As a large corporation I can see that Airbnb wants to ‘streamline’ their business operations to stay ‘clean’ especially regarding such matters of racial discrimination but at this point with the help of smartphones I guess it comes down to recording every single personal encounter with the guests to have proof that it didn’t happen.

In real life, in the judicial system anyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty. But Airbnb just turns the tables and lets bullies run wild…


I am not a big advocate of calling Airbnb and having my issues resolved by phone BUT I think you need this entire situation looked at by a supervisor (preferable in San Fransico). Try calling at 9 am Pacific time and ask to speak to a supervisor. Ask them to escalate this and don’t waste your time with dealing with an underling. Be insistent but respectful and be prepared to hold a lot.

I have found (and it’s been a few years so things may have changed) that when you have an issue like this that someone with common sense needs to look it it’s best to try to find a compassionate supervisor. They do exist on Airbnb but it takes some time to get to them.

I would not allow this to remain on your records and Airbnb should be allowed to do this. There is too much written history about this guest and someone should take care of this. Note - guest seem to have an easier time of having more than one account so even if you should resolve this it can come back again.

Good luck.



Can we get an update?

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I’m so sorry that Airbnb is treating you this way. It’s clear that the guest falsely accused you but Airbnb seems to always side with the guests.

Everybody at Airbnb, including supervisors, is adamant that only the person assigned to the case can decide whether to remove the note that I may have racially abused a guest.

The agent assigned to the case has not replied to the message I sent on Friday.

Not always. Like most dealings with CS, it depends on the rep you are lucky or unlucky enough to get. Also can depend on how the host presents their case.

And when Airbnb upholds the host’s side, guests say Airbnb always sides with the host. :laughing:

I remember a post from a host in London who declined a booking from a guest who sent up “party” red flags. This was back when we could still see profile photos before bookings are confirmed.

The guest was Asian, and messaged the host saying, “We so woke, we know you can’t decline us” and reported the host for discrimination. When Airbnb contacted him, he told them that was ridiculous, to look at his past guests- he had been hosting for years and had hundreds of reviews. A large percentage of his past guests were Asian, Black, etc.

Airbnb backed off.


Of course, this has not ended. The case manager assigned to the case about me racially abusing a guest is blanking me and I cannot get a new case manager, despite having requested one due to the lack of a response.

In the meantime, the guest is claiming that she left £500 in cash in the property, which she wasn’t able to retrieve due to me having her removed from the house before she had finished packing.

Obviously this didn’t happen, but Airbnb is going along with it again and yet another investigation is ongoing.

I don’t know what it will take for Airbnb to realise what she is doing…

Sadly this is a case of he said she said…. I am following with interest.
Did she claim with her travel insurance after making a report to the police?

I don’t know where you’re located (or the accommodation) BUT if you have proof for:




I’d be handing this over to a lawyer. There is nothing to discuss anymore through the normal Airbnb channels, especially if they don’t take this incident seriously.

Airbnb ‘should’ have the same level of interest to keep such guests away from their platform since they are a threat to the entire community and the image of Airbnb as well. However, that is not your problem - the damage is though and your neighbours had to take the brunt of it as well.

These are not the common guests on Airbnb so it shouldn’t put AB out of business banning them.


She hasn’t involved the police. Just Airbnb. Her goal appears to be to have me banned from the platform as revenge for getting her banned, even though she now has her account back as Airbnb seems to support unauthorised parties, illegal activities and harassment.

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I have proof of all of this. I also know the guest’s home address and am considering legal action due to the constant harassment.


On top of the ongoing investigation into me stealing £500 she claims she left at the house, she has now made yet another complaint against me.

She is now claiming that when we communicated outside of the platform, I tricked her into providing her card details and have stolen money directly from her bank account.

In actuality, she found my email address and threatened to take legal action against me for getting her account banned from Airbnb. Her email was ignored and Airbnb is aware that she did this.

Obviously her latest allegation is a police issue, which is an avenue she won’t go down as it’s complete crap and, unlike Airbnb, the police won’t take action on somebody’s word alone.

It seems like this is never going to end as Airbnb will take every single complaint she makes against me seriously, despite her having no evidence other than her word.

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