Been a manager properties

Hello Everyone,

My name is Annalisa and I have run an Airbnb listing for years in Venice Beach. I recently moved in Miami Beach, and my idea was to continue renting my private bedroom and bathroom in this beautiful area. Unfortunately when I moved in, the property manager was about to change and now I have just been told that I can’t rent my place because of new rules.
I have run successfully my previous place in LA as Superhost, and I would love to work as property manager here in Miami Beach area, since I can’t for now work as a host myself.
Do you have any suggestion about how to find job in this field and this area of town?

Thank you all for your help!

Annalisa :slight_smile:

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You should be an owner of a property to host on Air. So it is right that you are being stopped from doing this in Florida. If you enjoy property management, I would enquire with locale realtors or vacation rental management agencies. Here in Hawaii, you must be a licensed real estate agent to manage more than one vacation property.

Oh thnk you Konacoconutz for the feedback.