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Beds24 feedback?


Any user of it that can give feedback?


I am a heavy user of Beds24. I have an intense love/hate relationship with Beds24.

One the one hand it is cheap, super powerful (you can have sub accounts, merge accounts, export calendars with custom fields for your cleaning services, have a widget to create your own website, handle Airbnb/Homeaway/Booking.com XML apis, have automation utils, integration with smartlocks, an API for more customizations if you are a developper, apply percentage / offset price depending on the channel etc…).

On the other hand, each time you log in you time travel to the 2000’s, the design is yuck, they have this super complete Wiki but most of the time I don’t find what I am looking for because I don’t know the terms of what I am looking for in their framework, some settings are hidden in different sub-sub-menus, for example:

  • preventing new Bookings X days after a guest has left (for cleaning for example) is in menu A
  • preventing same days bookings if they occur after Y time of the day is in a totally unrelated sub-sub menu, even though the two features are closely related
  • I have never understood how their “rates” work. I set a “base rate” wich I overrode with higher prices on specials days, but the logic is to override with cheaper price… I ended up setting daily prices with their integration with Pricelabs which I like very much.

Fortunately they have this super efficient customer support service which has always answered my questions in less than 24 hours. I feel super dumb each time they answer me, because their answer is generally “this is already answered in this sub sub menu of the Wiki”, but I accepted months ago that this is a professional tool, and the fact I am not a professional may explain why I feel lost.

The first months have been really painful, I was this close to be willing to pay hundreds of dollars in a more ergonomic tool like Bookinsync and such, but I don’t regret the frustration and am an happy user now.

Used them for over a year now, no complaints.

I agree, they need to overhaul the complete GUI, but once you grasp the logic they use, most tasks are pretty straightforward.

They do have a more expensive option, where a support person does what you need, as opposed to someone telling you where you’ll find the info, to do what you need. Personally, I prefer the latter.


I have used Beds24 for a few years now and it always make me feel completely dumb learning a new feature :frowning:

Its a amazing software and very very low price compare to others If you only use the basic of what they offer. I use their wp plugin for my website, showing calendar availability, room picture and take care of payment, same for Facebook.

I never got the hang of it, but been able to connect it to Airbnb, Booking.com and tripadvisor.

Would love if they made a basic videos (for dummies) for each feature without all the extra option, it just make me confused, the good thing is that I would probably used a lot more feature if It was a easy understandable way to implement it, but then I save money not doing it…hmmm or am I losing money :frowning:

Their service is amazing, but still, there is things i do not implement because i do not understand the wiki guide, do not understand when they answer me. And here is the thing, it is so easy to use when you first understand how to do a certain thing. What I miss is video for dummies, explaining the basic for each service without all the amazing option, it just make me totally confused and insecure of what to choose :frowning:

What is my advice, a great choice if you have a little better understanding of this kind of things. Before this I had wix hotel with their channel manager service, completely disaster and they service from Wix and the channel manager was totally useless, they was not even able to make the channel manager work and stop replying to me when they got problem. (Wix is usually a great thing, but its when you have trouble you see the real quality of a service) I jumped to Beds24 after this and got a system that worked super fast :slight_smile:


Like what? If it’s something I’ve implemented then maybe I can help you out.


One tip I would give is to ask questions on their forum instead of their in-app support.

Their in-app support is super reactive but they are sometimes totally ok leaving you with cryptic answers with reference to some underground wiki pages that do not seem to have any relationship with your problem.

Their forum is public so they think twice before leaving puzzle answers.

I am a software engineer, almost always finding my way through any horribly-designed software because I can think like a developper, but boy, this one is complicated for advanced tasks that result in simple results.

??? The posts on the Airbnb CC forum aren’t answered by Airbnb employees. The people on the CC who offer help and advice are just other hosts, giving freely of their time, dialoguing, commiserating, and trying to help each other out.

Most experienced hosts are much better informed of Airbnb policies and procedures than the CS personnel, which is why you don’t get “puzzle answers” there. But that’s because you are being answered by hosts, not Airbnb.

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Please read the topic again and then feel free to remove your post.


And we complain about guests not reading…

@muddy quick tip, read the topic before engaging keyboard.



Okay. My bad. Will try to be vigilant in the future.

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