Bedroom Set - Seeking Suggestions


I am looking for suggestions for an inexpensive bedroom set to fill my guest bedroom. The room has space for a full size bed, nightstand, and dresser. Also needs box spring and mattress.


Craigslist or other used furniture sources or maybe IKEA. It depends on the rest of the listing and what kind of ambience you are trying to create. Full bed, not queen? Make sure you can’t fit a queen in there if you are in the US. If you are a Costco member this is the time of year when they have furniture in the store including box spring and mattress and it’s hard to beat their prices for the looks and quality. But they probably only have queen, not full.

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Way Fair can be a good source if things are on sale. I agree with KKC queen size in the US. There are a few online fine mattress companies that have good deals.

BTW, if online sources are being considered, I agree there are some good ones. I’ve had good luck with Hayneedle, Overstock and of course Amazon. But it can be a hassle to check over different sources and watching for a good deal. As for online mattresses, I recently bought a Nectar for myself but am still making up my mind about it. Nest Bedding is what I have in my Airbnb room that gets rave reviews but it’s not the cheapest by any means.

I’m with the group—try to get a queen bed in the room. Instead of a dresser use a bookcase if you need the room. I bought a bookcase with doors from Target for a bedroom and it was well received. There are so many mattress companies now—I like the idea of getting something from Costco on sale. Also one of my mattresses came from Big Lots

on sale. It is a Serta. I have been very pleased with quality for price.

You can do away with a box spring if you get a platform bed or stand. I found it most economical to just get a nice headboard and attach to platform stand.

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We got our listing Serta brand Queen bed from BigLots too. Super happy with it. Very Firm Mattress, box strings, and wheeled steel frame was $200 on sale. We added a 3" foam topper that was on hand in the house, and made it the best of both hard and soft worlds. Every guest has commented on how good the bed feels and how well they sleep.

If you can make it fit, get a Queen, not a full-size bed.

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I prefer booking a king when I travel with a 2nd person. Queen if the king won’t fit. Full is ok for one person but I’d never sleep 2 in it.

I agree, a queen if possible. Unless you have a lot of long term guests then a dresser isn’t needed. Maybe a small chest of drawers or something similar. Habitat for humanity has great furniture and usually inexpensive. Spend the money on a good mattress and good linens.

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I have an Ikea platform bed that I bought used on Craigslist. I prefer not to use a box spring because you have to get a skirt to cover it, and I don’t think it adds anything. I just have a firm mattress encased in a bedbug and spill-proof cover with a good mattress pad. It’s true that many people prefer a queen so I agree with the advice to squeeze in a queen if you can. On the other hand, I used to have a double bed in my airbnb and still got plenty of guests, so if that’s all that fits don’t worry.

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I use queen size mattresses on platform beds, too. I have three in my house now and bought some nice pine platforms that I have used before. If I were doing it over, I would use good looking metal platforms because bed bugs cannot climb up metal. Bed bugs are a concern in Ohio, especially. But for now, bed bug covers and NO box springs. And no bed skirts, either. Less maintenance and that way the area under the bed doesn’t become a hiding place for ickyness.

I found night stands and tables at thrift stores, NICE ones, too. I paid $20-25 each for the night stands. Each side of the bed has a surface for a reading light, Ikea had some adjustable goose neck LED lights for a few dollars. Two per bed, in my house. I will tuck in a small dresser if I can, or a small drawer unit. And one wicker side chair. I found lone head boards (full size can be rigged to work on queen frames) that I bolted to the platform beds. I did not pay more than $30 for a headboard.

Check out Amazon. I found a beautiful queen size headboard for about $120. Purchased a foam mattress for $300. No shipping fees.

While it doesn’t prevent suggestions from other countries coming in, which other people might find useful, it helps if you state what country and city you are in.

It seems a bit strange to me that no one mentions the Goodwill or Salvatikn Army. I thought it was normal to buy all furniture there. Lol., Ikea

Consumer reports just released a review of a lot of mattresses. Costco was high on there list for good mattresses at a good price. And casper received high marks for foam mattresses.

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For everything but the mattress, I’d look on Offerup first before buying new. I always find good stuff on there when I’m just browsing. Better selection, more reasonable pricing, and better user interface than Craigslist.

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