Bedding tip for the conscientious host


Never mind high tech, if Elon Musk invented a self-folding fitted sheet, he could double his fortune.


That looks like a regular sheet to me, not a fitted one.
Plus they didn’t have elastic back when that was painted.

I time the washing of my white linens so that I can take them out of the dryer immediately and put on bed.

I do occasional have to change up the sheets to keep them rotated and when that happens, I fold into three panels and roll them. Helps to minimize the wrinkles.

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Here’s another tip for duvet users. Buy 2 appropriate size flat sheets sew them together with 2: 22" zippers which end at center the foot. More details if you dm me about sewing technique. We have a sort of mix match color scheme where the pillow cases, duvet covers and fitted sheets don’t all match exactly. They are all very high quality 500+ thread count. We line/ air dry. We iron pillow cases only, the rest looks wrinkled. We also know how to fold fitteds!

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I make my own duvet covers, too. The 2 zipper idea is one I never considered, but for sure the larger the opening, the easier to put the cover on.
I actually prefer snap tape to zippers.

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Can you get nice cotton sheets down there? Our one complaint our beautiful stay in Cozumel the sheets were pretty bad, pilly, not cotton.

No, you can’t. The only place to get decent cotton sheets is Costco, and they often don’t have them in all sizes.

I bring them down from Canada with me. As do most of the Americans and Canadians I know.


You would think some business minded person would be able to import and sell nice sheets there in Mexico, tourism is so big there. Deliveries such as Amazon are still kind of difficult(?)

My friends that just left La Paz BCS for Palm Springs after 19 years, they explained how the street numbers are so confusing, everything important is done through the post office. 1st house built on a road, 1st # second house built, 2nd number… > in between, 3rd #etc.

Oh yeah. Guests would never find my house with only the address. A guest cancelling after they already had the address would never be a concern. :rofl:

The numbers can go from 25 to 183 to 6, all right next door to each other. People just make up their own house numbers, mostly.

My neighbor across the street does get DHL deliveries for stuff she orders from Amazon. They had a hard time finding her the first time, but it’s always the same driver, so he knows now. She does order sheets from Amazon, but I’m not sure if they are 100% cotton. I seem to recall her showing them to me a couple years ago, and that they were cotton, and quite nice. I guess I should check it out.

I am seriously thinking of retiring to Mexico when I get old :slight_smile: in several years. I have been reading stuff and I was led to believe that Amazon delivers to Mexico?

I’ve never ordered anything from Amazon, but yes, they deliver. However, some stuff is just shipped from another part of Mexico- the stuff that originates elsewhere has to go through customs, and depending on what it is, can be held up there.

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Thanks @muddy. If we do decide on Mexico - and we are at about 98% - I’m sure I’ll have lots more questions. I’ll be really grateful for your input.

You actually can’t import cotton fabrics to Mexico for commercial resale, there’s some customs law about that- has to do with competition to their own cotton industry.

You would expect the fabric stores here to be full of nice cottons and tropical prints, but they aren’t. They are full of polyester fabrics, which the average Mexican prefers.

I did bring down a suitcase full of Indian cotton print bedspreads years ago (I bunched them up and used them to wrap other items, so they would seem like personal stuff) to sell in the shop I used to have in town, and I sold out right away. They weren’t the type of Indian bedspreads you’ve seen commercially since the 70s. I get them from a guy I know in Canada who has been importing them for years. He works with some people in a small village, they are high quality cotton, tightly woven, block-printed by hand, and are in tons of patterns and colors. I’ve never seen anything like them anywhere else.

I use them as top sheets for my own bed and am bummed because after 13 years, mine are getting thin and holey and I’m not sure if he is still selling them.


You can find cotton duvets and sheets on GARNET HILL.


We imported two suitcases of high end bamboo and high thread count cotton linens when we moved to Costa Rica - and promptly went out and bought poly microfiber locally.

Turns out those luxury sheets absorb every bit of moisture from the air here, and turn into wet blankets… super uncomfortable!

They are now the most expensive tarps I’ve ever owned. :laughing:

Oh well, Pura Vida!


Meanwhile Amazon works pretty good in Mexico (I live in Cozumel) .
We nearly order everything via Amazon.
You should always check the mex. AND US Amazon side - AND - for the best option.
And yes, adress is super funny here - we live on Avenida X between Calle a and Calle b -
no house number -
Concerning AirBnB guests - I send them a Whatsapp with exact google maps location from the property.
And for Amazon you can let them send your package to the DHL shop (here on Cozumel, dont know if it applies to all here in MX)

Yes, can probably ask that they deliver to the nearest DHL location here, too. It’s about half an hour from my place.
I have never ordered anything from Amazon. I don’t like what I read about the conditions they subject their workers to, nor their efforts to union bust.

Nor was I impressed to see what political candidates’ campaigns they contributed to.

Me, me!! Can I see pictures of this ingenious system?

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I bought some that are basically the same design since they were on sale. I modified them by putting ties on the inside of the duvet cover and sides of the duvet every 10 inches or so. I used long shoe strings cut in half. I lay the duvet on the inside out cover, tie all the ties, and have a much easier time turning the whole thing inside out before zipping. I still hate needing to do this, but it works.

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