Bedding or Advertising

Okay forum dwellers. We have a business question. Let’s say we have a hypothetical budget that we can either spend on upgrading our bedding, or buying some advertising on Google or FB.

It doesn’t have to be bedding by the way. We can upgrade our units in some other way. This is about a hypothetical upgrade of the rooms.

One argument is that by increasing occupancy we can generate more revenue and do both.

The other argument is that when our guests show up they will be happier with some nice duvets or cushy pillows. The reviews will be even more glowing.

Btw we are superhost. People love the place with bedding the way it is. 80 percent of our business last year was May through November.


Personally, I wouldn’t do either. If you have your own website, then your webmasters will (okay, should) have made sure that your site is seen in organic searches without the need to pay. If you don’t have your own website, then that’s what I’d spend the money on rather than advertising or bedding.

Just me, but I wouldn’t spend money on FB either. It’s just not targeted enough and there’s a lot of competition there, all vying for the same spots.

If people love your bedding, why spend the money there? There are ways of increasing occupancy that don’t need Google or FB ads, or upgrading your property. What they are will depend on where you are and what type of rentals you have. For example, we have year round occupancy but I know that it’s simply not possible for some hosts because of their location.

It also depends on what other ways you can upgrade your listing. For example, if you don’t have cooking facilities, would adding them increase your occupancy? Have guests mentioned anything they would have liked to see in your rental? Are you in a resort where there’s no demand at all for accommodation during your off season?

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Shouldn’t be a mutually exclusive question. 1) do you need new bedding to increase reviews / guest experience / bookings. 2) do you need more advertising to increase occupancy / and or rates.

Either could be true, both, or none.


@pyrenees023 As far as bedding goes, or upgrading to more expensive amenities, what many hosts have found is that it’s not worthwhile. I’ve read posts by hosts who were totally upset because the guests stained or wrecked a $300 duvet. Guests have no idea how much you paid for something- as long as it’s comfortable, clean and attractive, it could have come from the thrift store for all they know. I’m a seamstress and make a lot of my own pillowcases, throw pillow covers, curtains, etc, and some guests have commented on how nice they are and where did I get them? But they were dead cheap for me to make.
And just because a place is luxury and expensive, that doesn’t mean the guests aren’t just as capable of spilling red wine all over something as guests who book a private room in a home-share for $30/night.
As another poster said, it’s more wothwhile to spend money upgrading something that adds value to your place, like a extra bathroom or a more well-stocked kitchen, than providing 1000 thread count sheets (which are actually a marketing ploy- there are more threads per sq.inch, but they are thinner).


We set aside a predetermined percentage of our sales after expenses for annual improvemints/reinvestment into the business. We assess and decide what those improvements will be ahead of time. This keeps us on track in keeping our place updated and interesting for our guests as well as controlling our costs. This year we took down our upper cabinets and put in a new backsplash and open shelving in the kitchenette. It really freshened up the look of the place. Bedding by the way is an operating expense not and improvement. Plan your work, work your plan.

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I only rented through FB once. The rest were super budget lookers…It didn’t go anywhere with them .
About bedding: I change sheets and pillows often . Even towels . They are getting stained non stop . I wouldn’t put super nice bedding for guests . Especially if the one you have gets you good reviews anyway

So true; and I say that as a frequent guest!

The majority of our bedding is from IKEA, standard sizes and easy to replace. Never had a murmur about it being uncomfortable, or not up to standard.

Our duvets are from Amazon or Carrefour; so far, no-one’s complained.

Although funnily enough the 6’11" Dutch guy last night asked if we an extra blanket as his feet were cold. Well, when you’re that length then sorry big fella, we tend to cater for normal sizes!

Dropped a blanket down, all good and on BDC 10’s across the board.

Our soaps etc come from the local Chinese bazaar, never had a complaint, only the odd compliment. The beauty of obscure brands is that no-one really know how much you paid, and if they’re fit for purpose, who cares!

However… when it comes to providing “treats” for high value bookings we don’t skimp :grin: the orange juice is always local, the beer is always Estrella Galicia, the wine is always Lustau (sherry) or de tierra de Cadiz (local white wine) and the water is… well… water.

My tuppence worth.