Bedding for Babies

Just a quick question to gather thoughts.
I offer a travel cot option in my property but has only ever been requested twice. On these occasions I have provided the bedding for this, I am uncomfortable in doing this due to risk, is it acceptable to ask any guest who requests the travel cot in future to provide their own for the baby?

we have a toddler bed/crib and we provide all the bedding. Like you it gets used rarely but it is there just in case.

What risk concerns you? I have a Pack n Play and provide all the bedding for it. It is all child safe flame resistant.

If you do not want to offer it as an amenity that is certainly within your rights, just remove it from your listing and it is a done deal.

But not offering it means you don’t qualify as a Family Friendly listing.

You don’t HAVE to have baby shedding to be considered family friendly.

I have a travel cot and high chair that can be rented but I don’t supply bedding.

I have a pack-n-play and ask guests to bring their own linens.

I think the OP may be worried about liability for crib death (SIDS or strangulation in blankets).


I think it’s reasonable to provide a bottom/fitted sheet for whatever kind of mattress the cot has, but I wouldn’t get into blankets, bumpers, etc.

I would think parents would pack their baby’s favorite blanket, or better yet, use a sleep sack for safety reasons.

We provide a Pack-N-Play but we don’t provide any bedding. Never had a complaint.

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Me too, only had one complaint

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