Bed size question

I’ve just had a good, 5-star review from a very nice young Dutch couple who had only one slight criticism. After praising our hosting and the apartment, he said “We did feel that the bed was a bit on the small side, but perhaps we are spoilt by having a very large bed at home.”

Trouble is, I actually think he made a fair point and it’s something that has been concerning me. The bed is an Ikea 140 cm, which is slightly larger than a UK standard double or what I think in the US is called a Full bed. UK guests and small Spanish people are used to this but we have a lot of young guests from northern Europe who seem to be bred very tall these days! Also, given the warm nights here I think it may not be the most comfortable experience, though no-one else except my daughter has commented.

We are in any case hoping to buy a new bed as we’ve had some damage from damp to this bed which our insurance should cover. We would buy an Ikea 160cm bed (US Queen) EXCEPT that the reason for the smaller bed in the first place was the size of the room. The bedhead is against the wall between a window on the far side and the built-in closet on the near side. The closet needs 40cm to open. I have been doing some measuring and it looks as if we could fit in a Queen size bed, but only if we got rid of one of the bedside tables (nightstands), We could fit a wall lamp here for reading.

So, dear Advisers, which you go for? Just one bedside table (incidentally, there is no problem getting out of the bed, unlike our friend in Prague) or a larger bed? Or do you have any other radical ideas?

Just describe the bed size in your description, and you should be fine.
For example we indicate that in one of our rooms we have a full size bed. We also indicate that it is 5ft by 6 ft.
That way the size is clear to those booking.
We’ve had plenty of happy couples in there!
Your 140 cm is bigger than our full size bed, and is just 10cm or so short of a Queen bed.

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When we’ve stayed in various places we’ve really disliked not having two bedside tables. But… Is the closet door a ‘regular’ hinged door? Or an accordian type folding door which doesn’t need more than 6-8 cm to open? Can the door be replaced by a curtain which needs no room to open? Can one or more of the bedside tables be replaced with smaller ones?

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I would go for a Queen. Guests will expect it, but you need not give up side tables or lights. There are lots and lots of options out there for small bedside tables for the the creative and motivated. Check Pinterest. It is a common topic in urban interiors.

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Pinterest is the best for this stuff - search “small bedside table ideas” - lots of inexpensive solutions out there.


Here is a whole article about it:

Apartment Therapy Small Space Solutions: 9 Space-Saving Nightstand Ideas


I would switch to a 160 bed.

To most north europeans this would be the minimum for 2 persons.
Especially in hot climates, people like some space between them.

My own bed is a 2x100cm bed, so 140cm would small to me.

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Sorry about above withdrawn posts, I realised it’s easier to answer everyone at once!

@KenH Yes, I agree, it is awkward to not have a bedside table each, especially if it’s a high bed and you can’t easily use the floor for your glasses, book, phone etc. After measuring the bedsize tables I realise they are quite large and could be substituted for smaller ones, so I could easily save 20cms there. Thanks, Ken

Thanks @CatskillsGrrl, that Pinterest page is brilliant and has given me lots of ideas! I may not be creative but I do have access to a carpenter who is! I particularly like the simple L-shape with built-in lamp and shelf.

…[quote=“Chris, post:7, topic:7725”]
I would switch to a 160 bed

@Chris yes, I do think I’ve got to change it, at least for next season (we’re open from May-end September. Our own bed is 160 and I find that an ideal size. The odd thing is that none of our guests except the Dutch guy has mentioned it … though they do mention how comfortable the bed in the Atico (Loft) is and that’s 160


You could take the door off the closet and get a bed that has a storage headboard.

Yes, you could do a small split-barn door rather than a swing out. It could match the attached bedside table/lamps if you make both yourself.


My south bedroom headboard wall is not long enough for two nightstands with a queen bed. I opted for the queen bed, and since you’re shopping at Ikea, I bought this headboard:


Even if I liked everything else about a listing (location, price, pictures, reviews), a full size bed would be enough for me to move on to another listing (unless I was traveling by myself in which case a full is fine!). I’m only 5’3 but I don’t feel a full size mattress is comfortable for 2 adults.

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This is exactly what I did when someone complained about the size, mostly the length was the problem for some very tall people. At the end of that first description paragraph I state the exact length and that very tall people might not be comfortable.

I haven’t had one complaint since, and I’ve had some fairly tall people–so they know. I’m a small operation here–just a bed in the corner of the living room. At this point I’m not going to bother investing in a new bed/mattress, which are quite expensive. Maybe next year. But for some hosts the investment will pay off if you’re renting an entire flat or private bedrooms.

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It’s not, even for small framed people.

@sandy2 I love this!! IKEA really has so many thoughtful options for small spaces.

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I mixed a lot of Ikea (mostly in the bedrooms) with other higher-end pieces (ok, truth be told, the only piece of furniture I paid much money for was the sofa). Ikea really was the only place where I could find white beds with storage. I am self-promoting now – this is my place:

Very beautiful and photographed so well - doesnt look IKEA at all!

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I would go for a 1.60 bed. In Holland where I live 1.80 is common. 1.60 is ok. 1.40 is small. I mean it is ok for one or 2 days. And when the rest of the apartment is nice. It will be fine too. But it will feel a bit uncomfortable. I can understand why they mention it in the review and that they still give 5 stars because all the rest is perfect.

Just lovely. Modern, but comfortable. Bright, spacious. I would stay there.

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Thank you! It’s really rather small – 850 square feet total. The reason it looks bigger is that all the paint colors are very light with the exception of the headboard walls and the fireplace tile. Believe me, when a family of four is there with all their stuff, it doesn’t feel that big.